This blog is a personal take on Listowel, Co. Kerry. I am writing for anyone anywhere with a Listowel connection but especially for sons and daughters of Listowel who find themselves far from home. Contact me at

Windle family

James Windle

has contacted us with his family tree. Sorry, James, I couldn’t insert it as a tree. You can see the names and if anyone has any stories or connections to this tree, you can contact James directly. Some of the names got a bit mashed in transferring it from the tree but if anyone contacts me directly I will forward the tree.

Descendants of Unknown Windle

Helen McCarthy

James Fitzgerald Windle 1832 – 1889

Unknown Windle

James McCarthy Windle

Unknown Fitzgerald

Mary Raphael McGuire 1879 – 1959

Kathleen Margaret Waldron 1914 – 1980

Natalia Y. Pietrzyk 1980 –

John Windle 1801 – 1865

Lilian Mary Josephine Windle 1872 –

Thomas McCarthy Helena Jane Windle Windle 1859 – 1918 1865 –

Clare Maria Fitzgerald Windle 1974 –

Freya Maria Fitzgerald Milner 1998 –

Alice Mary Windle 1866 –

James Patrick Fitzgerald Windle 1947 –

David James Milner 1961 –

Daniel James Fitzgerald Milner 2001 –

Ellen Frances Windle 1867 –

Henrietta vandenBerg 1947 –

Margaret Windle 1870 – 1941

James Fitzgerald Windle 1870 – 1914

John Fitzgerald Windle 1862 – 1887

Gerald Edward Fitzgerald Windle 1910 – 1965

Henry Miller Nevin

Helen Margaret Mary Windle 1908 – 1978

William Herbert Gatfield 1895 – 1966

Brian Richard Nevin Gatfield 1937 –

Francis Gerald Fitzgerald Windle 1949 –

Mary Daly 1952 –

Thomas M. Windle 1950 –


Rose 1953 –

Victoria K. Windle 1976 –

David Duncan Illtyd Jenkins 1970 –

Robert A. Windle 1977 –

Luke Gerald Fitzgerald Windle 1980 –

Quinlan John Fitzgerald Windle 1987 –

Dominic E. Windle 1988 –

LaurCenatChyelAesmteyFFitiztzggeeraraldld WiWndilnedle

1981898-6 –

Emma Jane Fitzgerald Milner 1997 –

Natasha Anne Fitzgerald Milner 2004 –

Luke Geraint Fabian Jenkins 2011 –


Clounmacon in 1954


Mr. T. Gibson, Bridget’s pigs and a 2012 calendar

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  1. Gloria

    Hi, I'm writing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. I have been researching our city's history and know a bit about one of the people on this list: Henry Miller Nevin. He was the great great grandson of John Irwin and his spectacular wife Mary Pattison Irwin. She was from Cookstown, County Tyrone. At the age of 30 she met John at the fancy ball in Dublin Castle. She dumped her doctor fiance & married John in 1784. He had been severely wounded in the American Revolution. They went to America to claim the land the US government gave their veterans in lieu of $. The land was in Pittsburgh. Mary's story just keeps getting better from this point on. If anyone has questions,email me:

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