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 Happy carefree days captured by Danny Gordon


Ireland of the Welcomes

“From the heart of Ireland to the Irish at heart”

This magazine, as far as I can see, is still going strong. This edition is from 1999 and was sent to me by a U.S. internet friend now gone to her just reward.

In 1999 a London based photo journalist called Liam White came to Listowel and wrote a beautiful illustrated article on the plasterwork of Pat McAuliffe. Below are photos of his photos

I’m going to quote here the final paragraph of the article.

“There is a Listowel family of painters and decorators by the name of Chute who are noted particularly for their distinctive sign writing. They are often called upon to redecorate the work of Pat McAuliffe which they do to singular effect. For generations their own original work has been appreciated well beyond the bounds of Kerry. The Chutes contribute greatly to their hometown’s reputation for vernacular shop decoration.  Once in distant Gort in Co. Galway, Bryan MacMahon was observing appreciatively as a sign writer, high on his ladder, worked with great concentration on the shop owner’s name in Irish. The artist stopped working briefly, and, smiling down at Bryan, asked “Am I as good as the Chutes of Listowel?”

The writer of the article met with Ray McAuliffe who showed him some of his great grandfather’s moulds.

We are blessed in Listowel that the families of the craftsmen, the shop owners and the wider community appreciate the unique heritage that sets Listowel apart from so many towns.


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