Listowel Castle by John Kelliher.


McKenna’s Christmas Shop


A Correspondent with a Very Interesting Ancestor

God only knows what you will come across if you go delving in the family history. This lady who wrote to me recently sure found a fascinating relative among her ancestors.

I’m descended from a convict Edmund Elliott who was convicted for crimes against the English.  He was a dance master and a senior Whiteboy .  He was given a life sentence at the Kerry assize in the early 1920’2 and sent to Australia on the Brampton.  Apparently he was caught leading a raid on the house of the person who had employed him to perform for some local function.  His family had a long connection with Kerry and in particular Listowel.  His ancestors were part of the Roger McElliogotet 51st Foote that fought for the King at the Battle of the Boyne .

I’m a retied teacher and am planning to visit Ireland next September.   So far the plan is to go to Cork to see  where the paternal  line of O’Keeffe/Cotter came from and then on to Shanagolden and Listowel for the Elliott and lastly to Raheen in Clare to visit the home of the Bradys’.

My cousin sent me your blog because at present we are fossicking about in the Boyne to discover if Valentine and Thomas Elliott did porridge with Roger McElliogotte in the Tower.  Unfortunately, I think our generations have become somewhat anaemic when compared to the exploits of our ancestors.

Roz Scharf


A Cork tribute to Christy Ring


A Poem for today

A bugbear of mine is making nouns into verbs. People dont look anything up anymore.

They google it. People don’t insult you anymore they troll you. 

My own family have a word for what I do, it’s awfulising. So we are in the era of nouns as verbs. Here is a poem from someone who shares my dread of this new phenomenon.


That’s Gas

The big yellow thing in the foreground is the new gas pipe. Below is the park as it is nowadays.


Listowel’s North Pole Express

Listowel is pulling out all the stops this year to make sure the the children have a memorable Santa experience.  Click the link below to read all about it.

Listowel’s North Pole Express

Many of the businesses in town are getting behind the venture and the train themed Christmas windows are a big talking point in town these days.

My favourite is Finesse, which is the work of Listowel’s best window dresser, Cora O’Brien

Chic window features a replica Lartigue Monorail

Broderick’s Pharmacy features a brick built train.

Isn’t Listowel Veterinary Centre’s window splendid?

Hartnett’s Pharmacy


more windows tomorrow