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Classy’s Bus, Repurposing in 2015 and Main Street Listowel in Sept 2019

Ta Dah! Isn’t it gorgeous ?

Classy’s Bus

On the Friday of Raceweek, Ladies Day there is a complimentary bus service from the Square to The Island. It is customary for ladies who are entering the Best Dressed Lady Competition to wear footwear that is totally unsuitable for walking to the course or for walking any distance anywhere. So the directors of Listowel Races lay on a shuttle bus for the afternoon.

In homage to this, Lynch’s coffee shop set up this window display.


Upcycle recycle in 2015

Today’s Races story is from Listowel Tidy Towns alternative fashion event in 2015. 

This is how I told the story on my blog in September 2015

This fashionista, Anne Leneghan from Cork is looking fabulous in green. Anne and I are old friends and I took the below photos of her on the racecourse before the event.

Anne was wearing a vintage dress in a beautiful green brocade. She had accessorized it with vintage gloves and handbag, both worn originally by Anne’s mother. But the piece de resistance was Anne’s hat which was made for her by her friend, milliner, Maria Stack. The base is a piece cut from the dress when the girls decided to shorten it. The next bit was made from an old handbag and the “feathers” are not feathers at all but some things they sourced from an artificial flower display. Anne’s beautiful vintage earrings are connemara marble and marcasite.

Maria Stack, whose family were so successful at this event in 2014 had suffered a family bereavement. So Maria was here on her own to support her friend, Anne. Maria is always beautifully turned out and a great supporter of Ladies Day and Vintage Fashion Day.

Anne is on stage describing her up cycling and restyling story to Orlagh Winters.

The judges loved her too but she didn’t win. She’ll be back again this year with another fetching outfit and another story.


Lower William Street and The Small Square

Listowel Tidy Towns’ Vintage Day at Listowel Races 2016

Where  Things old are valued

Vintage Day at Listowel Races
is my favourite of all the side shows that take place during race week. It is
the brainchild of Listowel Tidy Towns and every year it  goes from strength to strength.

The marquee was packed on
Saturday Sept 16 2016. There was none of this pink wristband palaver. We were
all welcomed in . The interviews, sympathetically conducted by Orlagh Winters,
were entertaining and enjoyable. None of this “I bought this here and that there,” of Friday’s fashion fest. This was trips down memory lane, charity shop finds
and a few obvious lies…all part of the fun.

First up were the men and Joe
Broderick stole the show. He spun more yarns than a silkworm but he is such a
lovable rogue that we all played along. He flirted with Orlagh, flattered and
amused the audience and best of all he looked a million dollars. He was a hard act
to follow but the stag on the inflatable horse came close. He had come from
London with 14 friends and they were having a great time at The Races. Stag
parties at The Races is a growing trend in recent years. There was also a hen
party but they were from closer to home, from Limerick.

In this competition, the story of the outfit is
part of the fun. 

Anne Leneghan of Kanturk and Bishopstown was sponsored by the
Kanturk St. Vincent de Paul shop. She asked them to be on the lookout for
anything vintage for her to wear and they found just the ticket….a 1970s bottle
green crimpelene suit and they also sourced the alligator bag, with the claws on
show, for her. 

I recorded part of Anne’s interview with Orlagh.

Anne Leneghan Interview

Anne’s friend, Listowel girl, Maria Stack had a great story to tell
about her accessories. Maria bought her bag for €4 in The Killarney St. Vincent de Paul shop. When she got it home, she examined it more closely and this is what she discovered.

Maria’s charity shop find was a Beverley bag. When she Googled Beverley bags she found out that the wife of Ireland’s first Uachtarán, Seán T. OCeallaigh carried a Beverley bag on her arm on their first state visit to the U.S. for St. Patrick’s Day. That bag is now in the National Museum of Ireland.

Inside Maria’s bag was the original tag.  Maria’s bag  cost £5. 15s first day.

In the bag Maria also found a ticket for the viewing gallery at The Empire State Building. So Maria’s bag had a trip stateside too.

Above is a photograph of the christening dress Maria’s mother, the very talented Betty Stack, made for her children. She permitted Maria to use it to make her hat for Vintage Day. Maria knew that the treasured christening robe was a family heirloom. She used all her millinery skills to create the chapeau without ever taking a scissors to her mother’s creation.

That’s Betty on the right of her great friend, Nora Sheahan.

Norella Moriarty
was in her going away outfit, set off by her great grandmother’s silver brooch.
Her uncle posted it to her in an
envelope to wear at her wedding in America.

Helen Carmody wore her wedding suit. She looked stunning.

 Other outfits were sourced from vintage shops and relative’s wardrobes.

Many of the contestants were attired in such timeless style that they could have entered the best dressed lady competition of the day before and outshone many of the very expensive ensembles on parade.

Deirdre O’Sullivan’s orange and black outfit was a typical classic.

Stylish Eilish described her fetching ensemble as last minute dot com. Her first choice failed to work out, so she begged, borrowed but didn’t steal to put this yellow and black stunner together.

Miriam O’Connor dyed her hair a vintage shade of grey to set off her eye catching style.

Niamh Kenny was resplendent in a timelessly elegant outfit  Her coat she picked up in a shop in Cork and her gorgeous shoes and bag were once worn by her mother.

Imelda Murphy was beautifully turned out. She couldn’t enter the competition as she was involved in organising it.

The entrants on stage.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the winner and the runner up.

Glenroe, Orlagh Winters and Christmas in Listowel

Photo:Janusz Trzsesicki


Sunday Nights Have Never been the same

photo; Irish Abroad

This is the late Joe Lynch in his best known role, Dinny Byrne in the Irish soap, Glenroe. When the closing credits rolled and the lovely theme tune, Cuaichín Gleann Neifin struck up, you knew the weekend was over and it was time to gird your loins for the week ahead.

There wouldn’t be “anything’ stirrin” until next Sunday night.


Orlagh Winters on Tralee Today; What Lies Beneath

Tralee Today is a great resource for us North Kerry people. One of the contributors to this online news site is Orlagh Winters.

You might remember Orlagh as the M.C. at Listowel Tidy Towns recycled fashion event at Listowel Races. She is really affable, bubbly and engaging. This is why I was taken aback when I read her article in Tralee Today a few weeks ago. I’m sharing it with you below. 

I saved it for nearer to Christmas when its message might strike a chord.

Orlagh Winters  

APOLOGIES for not having a column last week, but
I was in CUH having tests.

I can now finally say that I am cancer free and
boy what a feeling it is. For the last five years I have contemplated life and
how it has changed completely for me.

Pre-cancer I had my dream job, jetting all over
the world and visiting new and exciting places.  I love meeting new people
and my job afforded me that luxury.

Of course there were times that I missed
important happenings in the lives of friends and family but I always made up
for it when I returned.

Pre-cancer I dreamt of being a mother but that
dream was taken from me when I was deemed infertile due to chemotherapy. I
could get angry, I could get upset but what is the point of that?

Harbouring ill thoughts, I truly believe, can
damage your peace of mind. Sure I do get  teary-eyed when I get the news that
one of my friends is expecting a baby, but I always do that alone and never let
it be known to the excited mum-to-be.

Social media is a wonderful tool to stay
connected with friends that you don’t see on a regular basis, but it is also a
means to feel a little nostalgic  when you see the beautiful babies that
they have.

Back to school photos and last week’s Halloween
photos were everywhere of children enjoying the trick or treating. Sometimes I
find it very hard to think of what might have been.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel contempt or
jealousy when I see the offsprings of my friends and family. What I do feel
anger towards, are the idiots who think that it is completely acceptable to
assume that my not having a child was a choice I made for selfish reasons.

Recently I met a guy I had not seen in years and he
commented that me having children would have gotten in the way of my “fabulous

To say I was mad would be an understatement and
to be frank if I was a violent person, he would be missing a testicle right
now. In fact he would probably be missing two.

Absolutely there are women in the world who make
the decision not to have children and that is their business. I admire them for
the stance they take and make no apologies for it and rightly so.

Christmas is around the corner and once again
there will be photos of children visiting Santa or opening presents all over
social media. I will shed a little tear, no doubt, but I will also see the good
in it and laugh at the terrified faces of the toddlers placed on the knee of a
scary looking man with a white beard.

Spare a thought for those of us who would have
loved the opportunity to be a parent and don’t presume that it was a choice we
made not to be one.


Some Festive Shop Windows


My Family on their first trip of 2015 to the skating rink


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