Did we ever think we’d see the day……..?

Cisco lorry outside St. Mary’s which is now a building site.

Weekday masses for Listowel’s Roman Catholic faithful are now said in the old Church of  Ireland St. John’s church. Local people are enjoying the irony. Once upon a time local children believed that if they set foot inside this building they would be turned into goats.

A friend of mine told me that her mother, who was a Catholic, had to receive a dispensation in order to attend weddings and funerals of her husband’s family in this church. He was a member of The Church of Ireland.

Changed times indeed!


Kathy Taylor who loves Listowel and follows this blog from afar sent me a link to her church and her pastor who believes in the therapeutic and holy power go gardening



On the streets with my camera

I met Beta O’Brien strolling with  friends on William St.


 Shop Windows during Writers’ Week

Walking through Listowel’s streets during Writers’ Week is like a literary odyssey. Shops and businesses enter into the spirit of things with book related displays. 

The following are a few windows I noticed during this year’s festival.


These lovely ladies were on the streets at the weekend doing some market research.

Vincent Carmody met up with Seamus Hosey while he was out perambulating his twin grandchildren.

Seán Lyons was nabbed for a signing of his hilarious Travels with my Tan