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War and Judo

Photo; Kieran Cogan, Mallow Camera Club


An Image of War

Soldiers attending mass in Notre Dame Cathedral in 1945


From 1990 Yearbook


Tae Lane, January 2022


Old Dublin

From Photos of Dublin


At The Listowel Arms


It’s Back

Revival has been revived.


Tae Lane, Lord Listowel and the convent and the National Children’s Literary Festival 2017

The Horseshoe, Tae lane


Free Wee Library

This one is in Ladysbridge, Co Cork. This community book sharing initiative is popping up all over the place. The only rule is take a book, leave a book.


Where it all began for the Presentation Presence in Listowel

Kerry Evening
Post 1813-1917, Saturday, April 14, 1855; Page: 3

The Tralee
Chronicle announces, with the following flourish of commendation with what he
calls -LIBERALITY OF A PROTESTANT NOBLEMAN.—The Earl of Listowel has made a
grant to the Nuns of the Presentation Convent in Listowel of the land on which
their Convent is erected. His Lordship 
accompanied this generous gift, in which he was joined by, his gallant
son, Lord Ennismore, with a most complimentary assurance of his appreciation of
the services of these devoted Ladies in the moral and industrial education of
the town. In addition to the gift which was unsolicited, the nuns having only
asked for a lease of the land—the noble Earl directed that the deeds of
conveyance should be drawn up at his own expense.


National Children’s Literary Festival 2017

 Integral part of Listowel Writers’ Week for many years now is the children’s festival which runs concurrently with the adult literary events. This year’s festival was jam packed with workshops, fun events and book promotions.

This is the great book doctor. She finds out your reading symptoms and she prescribes a course of reading for you. My grandchildren love this annual checkup and they consult their reading list often, especially if a book token comes their way.

Maria Leahy, on the left is one of the hard working volunteers who help manage this festival. On the right is the author, E.R. Murray.

This year the treasure hunt took the children around the world. They had to stop at various “countries”  and answer questions based on books they had just read.

Miriam and her band of volunteers from KDYS made these beautiful fun props which set the atmosphere in the town park.

Ballybunion, some wild life and Tae Lane Listowel

Ballybunion from the Sea

Photo: Ballybunion Prints

Ballybunion Goats

Mike Enright took this great picture this week.


Remember these in the bog?

Photo; Timothy John MacSweeney, wildlife photographer


The Quad, UCC

(Photo: Random Cork Stuff on Twitter)


William Street Upper

There is no problem finding a parking space in this corner of town nowadays.


A Little visited Corner of Listowel….Tae Lane


So Proud

These are my twin grandsons with their new neighbours.

 Why am I so proud?

Because they are pictured walking a section of the Camino de Santiago. They walked 15 kilometers. The walk was an organized one with pit stops, drinks, cake and bands. Well done boys!

They are only 9.


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