Thank Crunchy its Friday!

A few more posters;

A few pieces of social history;

Once upon a time

Lead cups were used to drink ale or whisky… The combination would
sometimes knock the imbibers out for a couple of days. Someone walking

 along the road would take them for dead and prepare them for burial.
They were laid out on the kitchen table for a couple of days and the
family would gather around and eat and drink and wait and see if they
would wake up. Hence the custom of holding a “wake”.
> >
 When local folks started running out of

 places to bury people they would dig up coffins and would take the

 bones to a bone-house, and reuse the grave. When reopening these
coffins, 1 out of 25 coffins were found to have scratch marks on the
inside and they realized they had been burying people alive. So they
 would tie a string on the wrist of the corpse, lead it through the

coffin and up through the ground and tie it to a bell. Someone would
have to sit out in the graveyard all night (the graveyard shift.) to
listen for the bell; thus,someone could be, “saved by the bell” or was
 considered a “dead ringer”…
> > 

Yesterday was a balmy day in Listowel. Taking advantage of the unseasonal warmth, I and my better half took a stroll into town.

One lucky cat was still nestled in in her cosy bed in The Square.

She was casually ignoring all the attentions of passers by.

Notice the Eason bag? Yes it opened at 2.00 p.m.

Across the Square another cat was settling down on the window of The Listowel Arms for his afternoon nap.

I ran into this pair of happy newlyweds.


Just for balance, I have an older photo for you as well.

1989! A few of them are still playing I’m told.