Listowel Courthouse in April 2024

Duagh Family Recalled

An email;

Hello Mary,

I recently purchased and read Teampall Bán by John Pierse and found it most interesting. I would be pleased if you are able to convey my thanks to his family for his writing of the book.

My interest in Listowel is somewhat distant. Some forebears of mine – Bartholomew (Bhatt) Barry and Ellen Connell – on my late mother’s side married in Duagh in 1846.

I have absolutely no idea what they did in Duagh. Both were born there in the early 1820s and they had a child in 1849.

By 1851 Bhatt, and by 1853 all three, were living in Hampshire, where their second and only other child, my great grandfather Daniel, was born that same year. By 1871 the family was in Islington. 

It’s almost 20 years since we visited Ireland properly, and Duagh briefly. How time flies. 

Best Regards

Clive Hardy

A Find

I told you that I love to find a treasure in the swap box in the library.

I found this there recently.

This page of ads was inside the front cover.

This article gives us an insight into a bygone era in Ireland.

The Big Busk

This fundraiser in aid of Focus Ireland was help on Friday, April 12 2024. The Fealegood Band entertained the crowd in Garvey’s Super Valu.

Photos shared by Garvey’s on social media.

A Poem

A Fact

Funds left in the will of Swedish chemist, Alfred Nobel, established the Nobel Prize.