This blog is a personal take on Listowel, Co. Kerry. I am writing for anyone anywhere with a Listowel connection but especially for sons and daughters of Listowel who find themselves far from home. Contact me at

Emigration and Returning

In Listowel Tidy Town’s herb and fruit garden


A West Kerry Wake

Béal Bán by Éanon ÓMurchú

Snuff, tobacco, porter, port and tea…a great child’s account of a wake in the west Kerry Gaeltacht in the last century.

An Tórramh


Duagh Priests…A Massive Contribution

Jer Kennelly has done Trojan work in documenting the worldwide contribution of North Kerry born priests. He has trawled through countless old newspaper obituaries in his search to see that these great men are not forgotten. I have been bringing you just some of the many life stories he has unearthed.

When I found myself in Duagh recently I took notice of all the priest’s burial places just to the left of the church. They tell a story of emigration and sacrifice and the global reach of a small village.


The Castle Hotel, Ballybunion

Photo from Glin Historical Society on Facebook


Carroll’s of Course

Carroll’s Hardware in The Square is being repainted. It is going back to a more heritage yellow colour and the sign writing by the master, Martin Chute, is clear crisp and traditional.



A Church, a Social and a Rookery


Listowel Community Orchard


  1. John Joe Nolan

    Hi Mary, Can you tell me any history of The Castle Hotel. Back in the mid 50’s when I was 8 to 12 years old, we lived near Beale and when taken into Ballybunion my mother and aunts used to meet up in the Castle Hotel conservatory for tea and a chinwag whilst their husbands went for porter up the road ( opposite the Ballerina) but I cannot remembers it’s name.
    I remember the Castle Hotel had a beautiful garden and lawn and as children loved playing there. Why was it knocked down and ground left vacant for years?
    Thanks Mary and keep up your great work, John Joe Nolan

    • listowelconnection

      What great memories! I’m sorry I cant answer your questions but maybe someone else on here can.

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