This is the recently released special edition Brona chocolate bar. It costs €4. I haven’t tasted it yet but it comes from a good stable.

Please, Please, Don’t do this

On Wednesday morning, June 5 2024 I met two of the hardest working Tidy Town volunteers. They had been out since early morning, washing and sweeping and generally keeping our lovely town lovely.

Breda was scraping and hacking trying to remove a poster that had been stuck on to the litter bin. Tidy Town judges don’t like posters on bins or poles. The worst part of this postering is that whoever stuck the posters used some kind of superglue which cannot be removed by the usual solvents.

If you want to draw attention to your cause, please do not glue posters anywhere. Think of Breda. Think of the local hard working Tidy Town volunteers. Think of Listowel. Think of the environment.

Just don’t do it!

Selling Listowel

On my way home from morning mass where I was besieging Heaven on behalf of my 3 grandchildren doing state exams, I ran into Rose Wall of Listowel Chamber Alliance.

Rose was doing a bit of research for a big marketing day they have planned for later on this month. This group do as great job of marketing Listowel.

Lego Lartigue

Image and text from Lartigue Monorail and Museum on Facebook

Lego & Railway enthusiast Trevor Leen brought along his Lego built replica of the Lartigue Monorail to the Lartigue Museum.

Trevor said “I recreated the Lartigue Monorail over the course of a few weeks using reference photos from the original and modern day engine. Two carriages were built to give it a train to pull along with a step car to cross the rail. I’ve always had a love for railways and the Lartigue Monorail has always been an interest of mine as it is unique and had a bold experimental take on railways in years gone by.” 

Michael O’Connor, Celtic Art Illuminator

Ahead of the International Day of Celtic Art tomorrow, here is a little resumé I did a while ago of Michael O’Connor.

Michael O’Connor,: His Art

A Fact

In 2004 a woman in the US bought a lock of Neil Armstrong’s hair for $3,000