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Lovely Listowel

Eleanor Belcher Remembers life in Listowel; Town Square in the 50’s and 60’s

There were families in the Provincial Bank next door (to Dr. Maguire’s) but I can’t remember their names though we went to parties there. There was a long passageway beside that and we spent a lot of time as teenagers meeting up with the local boys in there. It was all very innocent.

The Carroll family Maurice, Olive, Pamela and John lived over the shop and Mrs McCoombe lived above the chemist shop with her son Colin  ( our age) and her  sister Finnuala Lane.

The Lynches  had a bakery on the opposite side of the Square  and had a  large family who again were younger than me. Miss Kirby taught music above a shop next to Lynches and we went for piano lessons there. She was a lovely white haired lady and I think she was Mr O’Hanlon, the dentist at the top of William Street’s, aunt.

The  third doctor in the Square was Dr Bob Corridon whose house was next to the National Bank. The large family there were younger than I was . The Bank Houses tended to have families who changed from time to time. 

The Dalys came to The  National Bank when I was about eight and the youngest girl, Helen, and I are friends to this day. We were very impressed when she arrived as she had blue ‘bobby ‘ stockings  while the rest of us had grey school stockings. Her elder  sister Patsy got married when we were small and Mr Harry Daly walked her across the Square to the church which we thought so romantic. 


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The Changing Face of Kerry Population

Population statistics as reported on Radio Kerry

Tralee has the largest population in Kerry.

That’s according to figures released from the CSO’s Population, Distributions and Movements report from Census 2022.

The report shows that of the county’s population of over 156,500 people, 17% live in Tralee.

According to figures in Census 2022, 156,458 people live in Kerry.

The latest report from the CSO shows that of these, over 26,000 (26,079) people live in Tralee.

Killarney has the next highest population in Kerry, with almost 14,500 (14,412) residents.

Listowel (4,794), Kenmare (2,566) and Castleisland (2,536) make up the rest of the top five largest populations in the county.

The report shows that the village with the largest population in Kerry is Ardfert, with 771 residents.

This is closely followed by Rathmore, where 766 people reside, and Lixnaw, with a population of 758.

Fenit (619) and Kilcummin (612) completing the top five largest villages in the county.

The figures show Portmagee is the village with the smallest population in Kerry, with 116 residents.


Fact of the Day

Nadia Komanechi was the first gymnast to achieve a perfect 10 out of 10 in the Olympic Games of 1976