Desmond John Villiers Fitzgerald, also known as the 29th Knight of Glin, has passed away.

He was the father-in-law of British actor Dominic West.

The Knight of Glin is an ancient Irish noble title handed down from chieftain times.

It is still recognized by Irish governments.

Paying tribute to Mr FitzGerald, the Irish Georgian Society said that Ireland had lost one of its champions of the arts and heritage.

”A passionate man, the Knight tirelessly worked for the future of Irish country houses, their contents, parks and gardens showing the way with the restoration of Glin Castle, and making it home to his collection of Irish paintings, furniture and the decorative arts,” the society said in a statement.

It said that his ”unique contribution to Irish scholarship, indicated by the depth and breadth of his academic output (books, catalogues, articles), is awe-inspiring.

”Desmond was a man of immense charm as well as erudition; he cherished his beloved wife, Olda, and daughters Catherine, Nesta and Honor.”

His daughter Catherine is married to Mr West.

– reporters

There has been much coverage over the weekend of the sad passing of the last Knight of Glin. The knight had strong connections with Listowel. He was a chairman of Listowel Writers’ week. I remember a very pleasant bus trip to Glin during one Writers’ Week. The Knight opened his castle for the occasion and we got a guided tour of the buildings and grounds.

But, of course we have our own links to the British aristocracy in the person of  Lord Listowel

Tom Fitzgerald (whom I don’t think is related to the late knight) came upon this sycophantic song recently. I couldn’t find anything on the web about the visit that is mentioned but as the saying goes “What’s seldom is wonderful” and some bard surely got well rewarded for this lay,