” Stooks” of Irish Heritage Bristle/Black Oats cut with a reaping hook, this is from last years saved seed and will again be saved for 2014

The above photo and caption were posted on Facebook by a man who posts as Bromore Cliffs. He is clearly a conservationist.


Here is a link to a lovely video of Listowel shot during Races 2011 by Fealegood productions.


These and other of Denis Carroll beautiful videos are available to purchase from



The Irish Post has a great article on Second Generation Irish in Britain .



Kathy Taylor sent me 2 more from the Quilter Clan gathering. First is Jacques Quilter of Lixnaw with his branch of the Quilter Tree and below is one of the youngest Quilters present planting a tree at their tree planting ceremony.


Liam Dillon’s on Upper Church St. has been repainted by Fred Chute Signs Ltd. They have done a great job but the weather has been too bad lately for me to get a good picture of the finished job but I’ll bring you one as soon as I get a good day and no vehicles parked in front of the shop.