I have copied this from the the Radio Kerry website so the formatting is a

bit awry. 

There seems to be no mention at the council meeting of the new one way

traffic system in The Square. This seems to me to be causing confusion,

with many motorists seemingly unaware of the changes.

Listowel Town Council agrees not to

 commercial rates

For the
third year in a row, Listowel Town Council has agreed not to raise 

commercial rates.

decision was made as the local authority’s budget for 2012 was

unanimously last night.

Town Council has approved the budget for the next 12 months, 

which proposes

€3,150,208. Commercial rates stay at the 2009 figure of €77.07. A 10% 

 reduction per cubic meter of
water was also approved.

Manager Charlie O’Sullivan told the chamber there would be

 no increase in
parking charges.He also said from this month on he would

 introduce two hours free parking each Saturday, along with reduced parking

 charges of 50 cent per
hour for Charles Street and Courthouse Road.

has been allocated toTidy Towns and the recently established

Independent Traders Association towards continuing to improve

 the appearance of the town. The budget was unanimously approved,

although disappointment was
expressed at the reduction in the Local

 Government Fund of almost nine per cent. However all

 accepted the difficulty in preparing such a budget, where the expectation

 they need to do more
with less may continue for many years to come.