Mike Enright took this photo of a fantastically peaceful Ballybunion sunset earlier this week. We are lucky to have someone like Mike with his knowledge of the weather and the tides to bring us views of Ballybunion that us landlubbers rarely get to witness.


Early morning in Ballyb

Another photo from Ballybunion Prints Beach of the dolphins at play


Beautiful Athea

When I was away with the fairies in Athea a few weeks ago I missed these  beautiful sights. These photographs are from Athea Tidy Town’s website. What talent and community commitment they have in this little place. The village is a credit to everyone concerned.


This rhododendron forrest in Tipperary looks beautiful but it is practically impenetrable. Two very experienced mountaineers got  trapped here last Sunday. The South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association had great difficulty in reaching them to free them.   Avoid!

(Photo; SEMRA via Facebook)


I was a bit surprised to run into these two gentlemen as I was walking the streets to get away from the World Cup. I suppose even mad soccer fans have to get away from it sometimes.


Beach weather

The children are still in school but the beach is still busy these days (photo Ballybunion Prints Beach)


2009 At Listowel Races on Friday was Listowel races Secretary Brendan Daly and Assistant Secretary Brenda Daly. Picture: Eamonn Keogh (MacMonagle, Killarney) —


Hymns at a former Redemptorist retreat in Limerick



Photographs from the interior of the Redemptorist Church, Limerick



All you who sleep tonight

Vikram Seth

All you who sleep tonight

Far from the one you love

No hand to left or right

And emptiness above

Know that you aren’t alone,

The whole world shares your tears

Some for two nights or one

And some for all their years.