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Brian Boru Crown, First Responders and People at the Santa Parade 2014

Some Local people in The Seanchaí to hear Lord Inchiquin and Jimmy Deenihan introduce the Brian Boru Crown.

Conor O’Brien,  Lord Inchiquin, Alison McCormick, founder of Jewels for Cures and Jimmy Deenihan, Minister for the Diaspora.

2014 is a millennium since 1014 and the Battle of Clontarf, in which Brian Boru, high king of Ireland was killed by a Viking enemy called Brodir. Legend has it that Brian was praying in his tent after the battle when he was slain. Brian Ború belonged to the tribe Dál gCáis and he was the first high king of Ireland. Lord Inchiquin is the head of the O’Brien clan and claims descendancy from Brian Ború.

Alison McCormick grew up near Clontarf. She is a cancer surviver. When she decided to set up a fundraising charity for cancer research it seemed a good choice to link it with her home place, Clontarf and with Brian Ború since we were in his millennial year.

The original Brian Boru crown was handed over to The Vatican centuries ago and may or may nor still be there. Alison enlisted the help of Da Capo jewelers to design and make a replica of the crown incorporating old jewellery donated mostly by ladies. There are some high profile male donors as well, Michael Smurfitt and Lord Inciquin being two. People who donate jewellery get to write their names in an accompanying scroll which will be kept with the crown in the National Gallery.

Interestingly, the jeweler who made the crown was  from Brosna.


Good to have them; Bad to Need Them

The ladies and gentlemen of Beal District First Responders


People at Listowel’s Santa Parade on Sunday Dec 7 2014

Snow, Ballincollig and The Brian Boru Crown

The Shape of Things to Come

John Kelliher’s photo from 2010 is a timely reminder that, at this time of year, we can expect the worst. Predictors of a white Christmas this year are thick on the ground. Odds are shortening as the temperatures drop.


And in Ballybunion……

(photo;Ballybunion Angling and Coastal Views)

Looking very wintery and cold yesterday.


Ballincollig Regional Park

Photos taken on a recent walk in this lovely Cork park


The Future is in their hands

Teenagers check their smartphones in front of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch

(photo; So Bad So Good on Twitter)


Sadness beyond all telling

Jonathan Corrie was a homeless junkie when he died within sight of Leinster House last week. His sad lonely death brought the country to a standstill.

Read this piece by his childhood friend and get a better idea of who he was;


Brian Boru Replica Crown…the Listowel Connection

Six Listowel ladies donated old or broken gold jewellery to the Jewels for Cures project. Pictured above are four of these ladies with the crown in The Seanchaí, Listowel on December 5 2014

Madeleine O’Sullivan, Máire Logue, Mary Cogan and Bernie Carmody.


Kerry has lost an Icon

R.I.P. Jackie Healy Rae


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