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Baby, it’s cold outside

River Feale in January 2024 photo by Mary Dowling

Old Photo Shared on Facebook

Phil Lynott and fans in Tralee in 1980.

For the Weather we have had

from Mick O’Callaghan in Gorey

The pale moon was rising.

I walk out the front door

Of our home in Gorey

Its freezing cold outside 

I look around 

I gaze left and right

I view the spider’s web like tree

At the edge of the garden

It is a most majestic sight

I admire its skeletal appearance

In all its bareness

And undressed beauty

With its beautiful pattern

Of interwoven

Branches and twigs

I take out my camera

To capture its arboreal elegance.

In my photo shot

The rising moon is visible 

In the clear evening sky above

Through the delicate

Web like branches

Its orbital shape

Clearly visible

The street lights

Appear as orange globes

In the background.

I save these images

In my photo memory bank

For future reference

On a bitter cold January evening

In Gorey, County Wexford

Native mute swan

Neil Brosnan has been in touch…

Hi Mary, I believe the swan in Mary Dowling’s photo to be a native Mute swan rather than a migrant Whooper. See pic attached.

Mary’s swan

A Polar Plunge

Prompted by my photo of my grandchildren sea dipping in December, Sue in the U.S. sent us this.

This is Lake Michigan with fewer waves. Photographer Laurel Covert captured a Lee Street Beach polar plunge.

Postbox on Upper Church Street

This mailbox is pre 1984 because An Post, the Irish postal administration, came into being in 1984 when, under the terms of the Postal & Telecommunications Services Act of 1983, the Post Office services of the Department of Posts and Telegraphs (P&T) were divided between An Post and Telecom Éireann, the telecommunications operator now called Eir.

A Fact

This is a fact verified from my own experience.

The best way to find something you have lost is to buy a replacement.


Week of Welcomes 2013

 N.B.  August 2 2013

If you are planning on coming to Listowel or indeed to anywhere in North Kerry in 2013, August 2 is the time to start your holiday. 

If you are interested in looking up your Irish ancestors, NKRO’s Ger Greaney and his team will help you trace your Irish roots.

If you just want to see how your ancestors lived, the games they played, the music they listened to then next year’s Week of Welcomes will give you a taste of all that.

Names in the Kennedy family tree include Fitzgerald,
Hannon, Hassett, Hickey, Kennedy, Linnehan, Cox, Field, Murphy, Noonan, Sheehy,


And did you know that this man had Irish connections?

Guevara’s daughter recently made a week-long trip to Ireland.

Argentinian born Cuban revolutionary icon, also known as Ernesto Guevara Lynch,
was killed leading a guerilla campaign in Bolivia in 1965.

daughter, Dr Aleida Guevara March, 
visited Ireland with Che’s wife, Aleida March. Dr Guevara is a
pediatrician who works at the William Solder Paediatric Hospital in Havana.

her visit, she was promoting the English version of a new book, Remembering
Che: My Life With Che Guevara, written by her mother.

Guevara attended the All Ireland Senior Hurling Final in Croke Park on Sunday
— her Lynch family background is rooted in Galway so will have been
disappointed with the result. She was the guest of Dr David Hickey on a visit
to Beaumont Hospital.

Come and join us in August 2013. You’d never know who we might discover among the branches of your tree.


No, we can’t trace either of these two legends back to North Kerry. But we are working on someone equally famous. Watch this space.


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