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Faces of Listowel

Feale Sculpture, Listowel Toin Square, October 2022


Listowel Pitch and Putt Club, The Beginning

The club is celebrating 50 years this year, 2022, but according to these press clippings unearthed for us by Dave O’Sullivan, it was founded in 1968 and “reformed” in 1972.


Faces of Listowel

Daria Piaseczna is a Polish photographer living in Listowel since 2014.

Daria has 2 areas of special interest to her as a photographer, food and people.

In conjunction with Listowel Food Fair 2022 she opened her exhibition, Faces of Listowel, in St John’s Arts Centre on Saturday October 29 2022. The exhibition has now moved to Kerry Writers’ Museum so you can see it there.

Jimmy Deenihan did the official opening.

Here are my photographs of the photographs of some of the “faces”

I asked my friend, Catherine to pose with her photograph and with the photographer.

Here are some of the audience who attended the opening. Some of the audience were also subjects of the portraits.


Food and Craft Fair in Listowel Arms

Sarah Fitzgerald of The Green Green Gate was getting a helping hand from her mother, Peggy. Her delicious Kombuchas were selling fast.


Scarey Times 2022

Halloween Mid term break has been a scarey old week in Listowel. We’ve been in the national media every day for reasons we’d prefer to forget. So I’ll leave you this Friday November 4 2022 with a few images from my granddaughter’s holiday. She dressed up as a clown, played old fashioned Halloween games, bobbed for apples and traipsed the neighbourhood Trick or Treating. Oh to be 11 again!


Ballybunion Oasis, A Frog on TV, Ancestors, Writers’ Week 2019 and Bridal Dress Hire in 2021

Road from Athea in Springtime 2021

Photo: Athea Tidy Towns


A Lovely Corner in Ballybunion

This lovely little spot by the playground is set out with tables and benches complete with chess or draughts grid. It is a godsend in these times of outdoor living.


Headstone on my maternal ancestors grave in Knawhill in North Cork.

The author of the poem is unknown but it speaks to anyone who dabbles in genealogy

BTW I asked Kay Caball about the symbol over the names on the stone and here is the meaning of it.

The Christogram IHS is a monogram symbolizing Jesus Christ. From Greek it is an abbreviation of the name ΙΗΣΟΥΣ (Jesus). In Eastern Orthodox Church the Christogram is composed with letters X, P, I and X arranged into the cross. They are the first letters of one from two words in Greek language: Christ and Jesus Christ


Listowel Writers Week 2019

Back when we could do things in a gang, this crowd of us congregated on the steps of Kerry Literary Museum to show off some award LWW had won. I’ll credit Maire Logue with the photo simply because she is not in it and I can’t imagine who else would have taken it.

This year’s programme is here;


The Champion Frog…a sequel

In response to enquiries, here is David Kissane’s account of what happened to Mossie Walsh and the famous leaping frog when they got to RTE.

Off went Mossie, wife Nodie, a number of friends and relations, and the champion frog in a biscuit tin with holes and a leaves, to Limerick by cars to catch the train to Dublin. Introduced to Gay Byrne and then lights, camera, action. The frog jumped higher and further than ever and became the first and only frog to jump on the Late Late Show. Fame forever for Guhard Man and Mossie.After that, the frog retired from jumping to a river hole in Guhard and Mossie retired from frog-coaching with a European title in his CV.


North Kerry’s Sarah Fitzgerald’s New Business Featured in Saturday’s Irish Independent

What a surprise to open the newspaper and see an account of a brave new business in these parts.

The photoshoot for the launch took place in the Listowel Arms Photo: Rubistyle

If a preowned vintage dress is your dream wedding attire, be sure to check out Sarah’s rent and return option at


When I was a Muse

Very briefly on a happy morning last week I felt like a muse.

Cyril Kelly, formerly of this parish, wrote Listowel Connection (me) a little stanza of greeting on my return to blogging.


’twas like waiting for swallows and swifts in April,

’twas like waiting  for Brent geese in September, 

’twas like  the fisherman waiting for  Mayfly,

’twas like the gardener waiting for the January snowdrop,

’twas like woodlands waiting for the call of the cuckoo in April,

’twas like the children waiting on the conker-plop in September,

natives in distant domiciles waiting on listowelonnection’s return.



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