Bring flowers of the fairest,

Bring blossoms the rarest….

It’s May folks

Photo credit: Jim McSweeney


Wouldn’t you miss Weeshie?

They’ve named a roundabout after him in Killarney.. The roundabout is near Fitzgerald’s Stadium where Weeshie spent happy days as a player and official and later as a broadcaster.

I think a roundabout is a fitting tribute to him too as he often shirked the modh díreach in his questioning as he wandered into other topics or memories. He interviewed me once and I found him to be a lovely, kindly man. He loved to discover a connection and he found one with me. Weeshie has relatives in Kanturk and he had happy memories of the town.

He was born to broadcast on local radio. He was one of a kind.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

Weeshie’s family at the dedication of the roundabout on Thursday April 28 2022 Photo; Radio Kerry


A Blast from the Past

Jim Halpin and a garda I can’t name at the door of Jim’s shop in Church Street in 2015.


The Creamery

There is a Facebook page called The Vintage Lens and recently it posted this photograph. Only people of a certain age will know what this is.

It’s a seperator. The picture was taken at a creamery in the 1950s or 60s. Men, like these in the photo brought their milk to the local branch creamery. Ours was Banagh, a branch of North Cork CoOperative Creameries.

The milk was taken in by the man on the landing and tested for butterfat content. The price you got for your milk depended on this test. Then the milk was separated and the skim milk was sold back to the farmers. You delivered your milk at one side of the building, drove or led your horse around to the other side and filled your churn with skim milk. This was used to feed calves and pigs.


On a Listowel street

Beautifully finished windows and doors are a feature of Listowel’s streetscape. These striking ones are on Upper William Street.


Badminton from the 1983 Pres. yearbook



The lights have gone up and the pavement is being restored. It looks lovely, very modern and as unobtrusive as it could be. I look forward to meetings, dining and performances here in the future.