Listowel Fire Station; April 2024

Bravery in Action

Photo and story from Maine Valley Post

The Maine Valley Post

Ava Holly from Listowel and her boyfriend, D.J.Fealey from Cordal are taking on a ‘daretobebrave’ challenge by abseiling off Croke Park’s Hogan Stand on Saturday, April 20th in aid of Children’s Health Ireland. 

Cordal man D.J.Fealey and his Listowel girlfriend, Ava Holly are taking on a ‘daretobebrave’ challenge by abseiling off Croke Park’s Hogan Stand on Saturday, April 20th in aid of Children’s Health Ireland. 

“I suppose I brought D.J. into this world of Children’s Health Ireland after being an ongoing patient of Crumlin Children’s Hospital for over 20 years,” said Ava.

“It’s a foundation that is extremely close to my heart and we are both so excited to be taking on this challenge,” she said.

Daring to be Brave Every Day

“Children and parents alike dare to be brave every single day within the hospitals that Children’s Health Ireland makes up: Crumlin; Temple Street and Connolly,” Ava continued.

“Whether it be through daily/weekly/monthly checkups or staying positive whilst having lengthily admittance into any of these chosen hospitals away from family and friends and away from a normal childhood experience.

Facing our Fears

“The bravery of each and every person and child in these hospitals deserves to be admired, appreciated and praised beyond what words can possibly describe.

“This is why we are facing our fears and daring to be brave and we hope you can help us get to our final goal of €1000.00 between the two of us. Any donation big or small goes such a long way for such a worthy cause.

“We appreciate any help and well wishes sent our way,” said Ava in conclusion. Learn more with a click on the link here:

Huge Prize

Remember this from April 19 1930 New York Irish American Advocate that Jer Kennelly researched and I included here on Wednesday

James Duggan, N. T., Glin, member of Glin football team, was the lucky winner of first prize at Adare whist drive a valuable motor car.

I was very sceptical about this story as a car as a prize from something a trivial as a whist drive seemed incredible.


In a case of truth stranger than fiction, our other diligent researcher, David O’Sullivan found these.

Denis Hogan who came second must have been gutted. He only got £3.

David and I suspect the car may not have been brand new. A car in perfect mechanical condition in 1930 was still a substantial prize.

Riabhóg Days; April 1 to 12

The rough early days of April 2024 are explained in a post from

April borrows weather from March

There is a common story found around Ireland and also in the Irish communities in Newfoundland, that April borrows some days from March. Some people say 3 days, more 4 days, more 7 days, more 9 days and more 12 days.

Regardless of how many days, the general theory is the first few days April come with a warning and that they’d skin your cow (ie she’d get hammered by the wind, cold and bad weather if she was left out on the first days of April.)

I’ve recorded these stories all over Wexford, Mayo, Clare, Donegal and also Newfoundland.

Around the country they are known as the Borrowing Days, the Borrowed Days as well the Riabhóg Days and other variants of that.

In Ulster there are often referred to the days that would ‘Skin Branny’. Branny is a word used for a cow in Scotland and the north of Ireland. In parts of Ireland and Newfoundland they are referred to them as The Old Cows Days and in Clare I heard it said these cold days killed ‘Mrs Brown’s Cow’.

As I said, normally they say that the borrowed cold days would skin your poor cow but going by the consistent rain I’d say there’s a chance they’d drown her this year!

Lartigue Theatre Group

John Kelliher took some photos of the Lartigue Theatre Group’s recent production of The Patrick Pearse Motel. The play finished its run on Sunday.

A Trip Down Memory Lane Tonight

A Fact

In 2019 the capital of Finland, Helsinki went an entire year without a single pedestrian of cyclist fatality.