Photo; Paul Madigan, Blackwater Photographic Society


Remember ACOT ?


Rachel Blackmore in Mike the Pies

Mike the Pies and Pat Healy organise a very popular event every year at the outset of race week. Pat rounds up some of his friends who are jockeys and they participate in a question and answer session. Rachel Blackmore was one of those jockeys in 2018.


Going to Mass in Listowel in 1999

Cathleen Mulvihill posted this lovely picture recently in Glin Historical Society. The artist is Senan O’Brien. Cathleen tagged Whytes art auctions in the post but I couldn’t find the picture on the site. If anyone knows the artist or anything about him will you tell us please.

This seems to  be the days before the Writers’ Well


Make Hay while the Sun Shines

Picture and caption from John Corcoran on Facebook

My uncle, by marriage Vincent O’Carroll of Listowel, and my Grandfather the late Jimmy Lynch of Knockanure, and later Clahane Ballyard Tralee, here in a memorable moment caught in time, bringing home the hay in the early 1960’s. 

Vincent O’Carroll now lives in Tralee..


Martin Daly’s Cows

Martin Daly on his bike driving his cows home through the town for milking and back to pasture was an everyday sight in the Listowel I came to in the 1970s.

Photos: Anne Wixted

These  photos were taken on the Bridge Road in 1978 and show the late Martin Daly on his bike, driving his cows back down the Dog Track Road (now the Lodge etc.) after milking. The stone wall on the left hand side of the photo has been demolished now, and the Lodge itself has been relocated in to the Town Park.”