Do You Remember Aertel?

(photo; Irish Abroad)

There was a time when Aertel was marvelous. That was a time before we all had a smart device where we can find out everything from where we are at this very moment. That was a time when a school had one computer and you needed to be a genius to use it.

 If you remember a time before Windows you are with me.

Aertel was TV Guide, newspaper, sports results etc etc all rolled into one and you accessed it on your telly. Happy days!



Old Location

New location behind St. Patrick’s Hall in the premises that used to house Kerry Glass.


Second Time Around is the St. Vincent de Paul shop in Upper William Street. It opens on Thursdays and Fridays. It is staffed by really friendly volunteers and its a great place for a bargain and a chat. Santa will be popping in there very soon to pick up a few toy bargains in their toy sale.

I was there on Friday last and I took this photo of the volunteers who were welcoming a visitor, Breda Landy who called in to say hello to her mom and friends.


Do you Remember?

Noreen and Benny O’Connell of Upper William St.  R.I.P.