A Few Ballybunion snaps

The good work of the local Tidy Town Committee is everywhere to be seen.

Recent storms have snapped off this sign.

It’s an ill wind…. Looking for treasure among the flotsam thrown up by storm Brian.


In 1899 they had a Horse Train

Kay Caball found this marvellous old poster online. Weren’t The Races very late in the year back then?


A Song written in tribute to John B. Keane on hearing of his passing in 2002


By Mattie Lennon.


Before you went you told us not to

On that sad night.

“Let the show go on” you
said and then “goodbye”.

We shouldn’t question why you had to

Before you went you told us not to cry

As Writer’s Week had opened,

For it’s thirty-second year,

Where poet and peasant mingle

To absorb Listowel’s  good cheer.

A cloud crossed hill and valley

From Carnsore to Malin Head,

As news went ’round our island

“The great John. B. is dead”


He who walked with King and beggar

Will lift his pen no more,

To bring out the hidden Ireland

Like no one did before.

He banished inhibitions

To put insight in their stead.

The world stage is brighter

But The “Kingdom’s King” is

The dialogue of two Bococs

Is known in every town.

Now the Ivy Bridge links Broadway

To the hills of Renagown.

While men of twenty emigrate

And Sharon’s Grave is read,

Or a Chastitute ‘s forlorn

His memory won’t be dead.


They stepped out from the pages

Of The Man From Clare and Sive

To walk behind his coffin

Each character alive.

His Soul, with One-Way Ticket

To The Highest House has sped,

And this world has lost a genius;

The great John. B. is dead.


   © Mattie Lennon 2002. (Put to music by
John Hoban.)



How they used to Build a GatePost 

I took the photos on The Sive Walk.