Mallow Camera Club Image of the Year 2020/21 Competition

Grade 3 : Image Title ” Snow time in Blennerville” 

2nd Place : Peggy O’ Brien. LIPF

 Listowel, Co Kerry – Images of Kerry and our breathtaking coastline will be beamed into the homes of an estimated 2 million people across Britain, when a new series – fronted by Fermanagh actor and Line of Duty star, Adrian Dunbar – begins on Channel 5 this evening (4 February). PIC SHOWS: Actor Adrian Dunbar (centre) during filming outside John B Keane’s Bar in Listowel, with Des Burke, Tourism Ireland (left); and writer and publican Billy Keane (right). Pic – Don MacMonagle (no repro fee) 

Images of Kerry have been broadcast to around two million people in the UK.

A new two-part series on Channel 5 follows Fermanagh actor Adrian Dunbar as he travels along the western and northern Irish coasts.

Kerry features heavily in the series, with visits to Skellig Michael, Portmagee and John B Keane’s Bar in Listowel.


Photo and caption from Glin Historical Society

29th May 1969; The Shannon Heather car ferry made its historic maiden voyage.


Our Weather

Mattie Lennon saw this on Facebook

Latest precipitation radar. It might… it won’t…….them weather lads haven’t a clue…..but it could…..too cold to snow……to dry to snow…….be jazus tis snowin….Will it snow….sure ye never know…..I will believe it when I see it…. ah here now….be the holy…is that snow or rain…twitch the curtain…..check the street light…..nah no feckin snow….but it could ye know like. Beast from the east….no……twas shite from the right!


Puss Music

Puss as a word for face is an Irish thing, as in She had a puss on her when I didn’t agree with her.

Puss music was a word we used for a “tune’ played on an instrument formed by putting a handkerchief (remember those?) over a comb and sucking through it. Pus music could also be a form of diedyling, using syllables but no words.