This blog is a personal take on Listowel, Co. Kerry. I am writing for anyone anywhere with a Listowel connection but especially for sons and daughters of Listowel who find themselves far from home. Contact me at

Building, Painting and Feasting

William Street Upper in July 2023


A Corner Reconfigured

Work on our new relief road involved knocking the wall at the John B. Keane Road side of the Sluagh Hall. It is now being rebuilt.

Sluagh Hall, July 2013


Martin Chute, Mr. Signs

I was walking down Church Street when I saw my favourite signwriter at work.

Martin isn’t much into family history but he told me that Jed is the man with all the Chute stories.

Here’s one;

The Chutes came originally from Jutland where they were Juts. By a long process some of them made their way to the UK and then to Ireland. It’s the UK branch that this story is about.

Jed told me that Chaloner Chute, the head of the English branch of the family, was a man of substance, a parliamentarian and a country gentleman. His estate adjoined the the property of Jane Austen who lived with her parents in the vicarage. The Chutes and the Austens rode to hounds together and engaged in other country pursuits.

Jane Austen wrote a story about an adopted child. This story is thought to be based on a member of the Chute family.


More from The Fuchsia Centre Opening

Christina Enright and the Tánaiste

I don’t know what this was about but Micheál was very interested in it anyway.

Norma Foley and Mary Dee

Three men and a plate of food; Robert Bunyan, Con Kirby and Mike Moriarty.

Enjoying the craic

Tumbleweeds were part of the entertainment. Mary Moylan was missing on the day. This group of musicians and singers perform regularly in the hospital, home, nursing home and day centres in this HSE complex.

Mary Pierse with Sid Sheehan who was our chef for the day.

Look at just some of what we got to eat. It was the best finger food I’ve tasted.

There were savouries as well of course, sausage rolls, samosas, tartlets, gougons etc etc.

When the committee of Art Chúram throw a party, they do it in some style.


July Horse Fair 2023

By the time I got to Market Street around mid day the horse fair was all but over. Just a goat, a donkey and a few hens remained and the street was already open to traffic.



Today and Yesterday


Goodbye Molly


  1. I was forwarded this link. Love it. A great way to catch up with home. Thnx a million. I enjoyed looking at the photos and interesting reading. Best regards from Heilbronn, Germany

  2. Eleanor Belcher

    In the 50s we got a day off school when there was a Horse Fair but on the other fair days which were in the Square until the mart was built we had to walk through them. We got very excited at the sight of notes we had never seen such as £50 notes changing hands as farmers bought cattle.

    I think the Sluagh Hall belonged to Miss Madell and we had our ballet classes there.

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