In Gurtenard Wood in January 2024

New Business on Upper Church Street

A new nail bar. Nails are big business nowadays. Church Street, Listowel is a bit of a beauty treatment mecca.

From the Archives

Maybe your ancestor made a bit of extra money from the 1830’s equivalent of today’s side hustle…

Tralee Mercury Wednesday, 03 February, 1836

11 Cornelius Quin, for keeping in repair 1327 perches of the road from Abbeyfeale to Ballylongford between the cross of Leitrim and the cross of Ballylongford his half years salary .

 12 Patrick Enright, for keeping in repair 936 perches of the road from Listowel to Glinn between the cross of Newtownsandes and the bounds of the County Limerick, his half years salary.

13 Peter Fitzell, for keeping in repair 712 perches of the road from Listowel to Ballylongford  and Tarbert between the Widow Scanlons House at Pulleen and John Enrights house at Kilcolgan his half years salary. ……

14 Maurice Connor for keeping in repair 946 perches of the road from Listowel to Ballylongford between Maurice Connor house at Coolkeragh and the Bridge of BallyIerie, his half years salary

 15 Michael Cox, for keeping in repair 330 perches of the road from the Cashion Ferry to Ballylongford between the cross of Aghanagran and the Church of Ahavallin his half year  salary.

16 William Perryman, for keeping in repair 1302 perches of the road from the Sea at Ballybunion to Ballylongford  between the Chapel of Glaunacon and the cross of Curragdarrag, his half years salary.

17 John Kelly, for keeping in repair 1241 perches of the road from Listowel to Limerick between Bunagara bridge and the County bounds at Meenganaspig his half years salary.

 18 John Molineux, for keeping in repair 853 perches of the road from Listowel to Ballylongford between the Widow Eagertys house in Listowel and the Bridge of Coolkeragh, his half years salary.  19 John Leahy, for keeping in repair 1304 perches of the road from Listowel to Glinn between the Old Church of Listowel and the Bridge of Gale, his half years salary.

 20 Gerald O’Callaghan for keeping in repair 1742. perches of the Mail Coach road from Tralee to Tarbert between the Bridge of Listowel and the Bridge of Gale his half years salary

A Poem a Day

Our friend on here, Mick O’Callaghan, set himself a task to write something everyday for the first week of the new year 2024, just a little bit of poetic journaling.

Its Monday January 8th, 2024

I just stick my head out our house  back door

 To test the temperature in the garden outdoors

Wow I feel the wind chill effect

And the icy blast on my poorly  clad chest and head

I quickly re-enter my home comfort zone.

To save my nose from frost and cold

I now wrap up in outdoor clothes  

Got brave and ventured out once more.

Into our chilly Arctic Garden zone

Bringing out some sliced and chopped white bread.

And fat laden chicken stuffing for my birdie friends

They too are feeling this chilly spell

And need lots of sustenance to keep them well.

Now I go for an investigating walk around. 

And check what is happening in the garden ground

The Hyacinths have made great headway

Shoving their shapely heads up above the clay

Daffodil flowers are maturing fast

Getting ready to display their spring colour blast.

Tulips too are making an appearance at last.

The single pink carnation of yesterday is no longer alone

Being joined today by three friends of the same colour tone

Next, I visit my multicoloured violas in the concrete trough.

Followed by seeing my blue, yellow and white polyanthus. 

Brightening up the kitchen windowsills in terracotta troughs

Some more adventurous yellow polyanthus friends 

Are peeping out from under a protective bay tree base.

Keeping life and colour alive and looking swell 

I think its indoor coffee time for me.

Or maybe just a simple tea bag cup of tea.

Cheers to rebirth and new growth

Mick O Callaghan

The Uniting Force of the Local Club

Everywhere you look this January is black and amber. Everyone is a Listowel Emmet now in victory or defeat.

A Fact

Albert Einstein’s Nobel Prize money went to his ex wife as a divorce settlement.