Path through the trees, Listowel Town Park, January 2024

Park Run, Saturday January 13 2024

The weekly park run is a bit (a lot actually) outside my capability. I was walking in Listowel Town Park on a crisp dry January morning. I was in search of “content” for Listowel Connection. Then I saw this.

Lidl is obviously sponsoring the Parkrun.

Nearby was my friend, Jimmy Deenihan, beside a stall laden with fruit and bottles of water. Participants in the Parkrun are refreshed with fruit and water, thanks to Lidl.

Roibeard Pierse and friends were manning the finish, timing participants and welcoming strays like myself.

What a lovely way to start a Saturday. If you are thinking of joining them, do. They are very friendly and welcoming and the run didn’t look too taxing.

If I was 50 years younger…….

Public Road Maintenance in the 19th Century

Source; Tralee Mercury, Wednesday, 03 February, 1836; 

21 William Connor for keeping in repair 1162 perches of the road from Tralee to Listowel between the Ford of Killocrim and the street of Listowel, his half years salary.

 22 Same for keeping in repair 280 perches of the road from Tralee to Listowel between the West Bounds of Killocrim and Poulnahaha, his half years salary ….

 23 Cornelius Quin for keeping in repair 514 perches of the road from Listowel to Glinn between the cross of Darragvone and the cross of Newtownsandes his half years salary.

 24 William Sandes Jun. Esq. for keeping in repair 2115 perches of the road from Listowel to Tarbert and Limerick between the Bridge of Gale and the County bounds near Tarbert his half years salary

25 Adam Fizzell for keeping in repair 1668 perches of the  Road from Ballylongford to Tarbert, between the cross of Ballylongford and the Mail Coach Road at Tarbert. His half years salary.

 26 . Timothy Finnerty, for keeping in repair 669 perches of the road from Listowel to  Ballylongford between the Bridge of Kilgarvan and the cross of Ballylongford. His half years  salary.

 27 John Sandes Esq. his salary at 9d in the pound for collecting and paying the Treasurer  as per receipt.

Celtic Crosses in St. Michael’s Graveyard

Mick’s Daily Musings

Thursday January 11 th Day 5 of my poetic challenge

Weather is the buzz word all this week.

It’s the only topic when neighbours speak.

Chilly today, cool last night,

Those northeast winds are really a fright.

My old chest is killing me with the chilly air.

I must rub on my Vick for my menthol air.

Flurries of Snow are forecast to hit high ground

Whitening every hillock and mountain mound

Now we are full of anticipation.

Longing, dreaming about, expectation,

For snowball fights, making snowmen, snow women too.

Slides on slopes for me and you

Northerly Arctic freezing air attacking us.

Its chilly, houses are cooler, warm woollies are needed.

Give the heating another blast

And keep us comfy and snug while it lasts.

I’ve been busy this morning.

As I headed downtown for the post office

And the January sales

The last of the big spenders was on the way.

I enter the door of Jack Dunnes, a local store

Inspecting shirts, jackets, jumpers, and more

And then I cast my eyes on what I needed today

Soft top socks which were on display

With cottons and woollens gaining equal sway

I purchased six pairs of varying hues.

With navy, blacks, greens, and blues

To keep toes and footsies snug and warm

As I tread the paths and parks around town.

Now that my shopping spree is over.

It’s time to face the hill for home.

I later went for a good lively walk of 8000 steps

With lively rhythm and full of pep.

I was well layered up and felt no chill

As I clocked up my steps on Gorey Hill.

Mick O Callaghan 12.00 noon Thursday Jan 11 th 2024

When is an Emmet not an emmett?

I can’t believe that I have been looking at this word everywhere this week and I didn’t notice that I had the wrong spelling all the time. I apologise to everyone in the football club.

Thank you, Vincent, for setting me straight.

“When I was growing up, a nail bar was a bar for pulling nails from timber.

Once, the late Bryan McMahon, called me aside when he saw that I had written Emmett with two TT,s, he explained that the football club was named after Robert Emmet,(with one T). Bryan said an Emmett (with two TTs) was an Ant or Beetle.

Emmets abu”

A Fact

Peanut Butter can be converted into a diamond.