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Miriam Kiely found this one. Surely the greatest legacy the English left us was their language. It is a really valuable asset to any career to be a native English speaker, particularly now that it is the language of the digital age.


Fire Fighting

The upper photo is of Listowel firemen and the second photo is from my native Kanturk. Back in the day the volunteer fire service was an all male domain. Protective clothing seems to have been a mac and wellies.


Bryan MacMahon Commemorative Event 2009

Maurice MacMahon addressing the audience in Kerry Writers’ Museum at the event celebrating his late father’s legacy.

Cyril Kelly remembers Mr. MacMahon, The Master


Travelling People

Recently I watched the film News of the World. The protagonist in this film went from town to town in the Old West of the U.S. reading the news to assemblies of people. According to an N’ O’Sullivan in the Dúchas collection North Kerry had just such a person in the past.

There was an old man and nobody around would let him stay in their house and then every night when any door would open he would make a gush and lep the door and into the Bed.

Bob Stack was an old travelling man and he used go round the country sleeping in the peoples houses and he often slept in Ned King’s house in Astee.

There was an old man and his name was Paddy the Gom and he used go around the country reading stories for the people and every person around used come in and listen to him reading from a book that he had. He had a big beart of books with him which were handwritten.

Long ago pedlars were common in the country. The pedlars used sell racks and combs and hairpins and necklaces and tie pins and studs and hankies and they used have them all hanging from a tray.  If the farmers wifes would not have enough money for the pedlars they would exchange for bottles and meal and flour and other things.

P. O’ Sullivan
Listowel, Co. Kerry
N. O’ Sullivan
Listowel, Co. Kerry