“The shadows lengthen as the sun declines.” Suddenly it’s autumn.


Jimmy Deenihan is Trying his hand at a new Sport

I snapped Jimmy during a chance meeting with his greyhound trainer who was exercising his dog. He has high hopes for his four legged friend.


Choosing The Good Life

This happy little band look like your typical summer staycationing visitors posing with the Dingle Donkey in Summer 2020. Not so. This family have a very interesting back story. AND it has a Listowel connection.

I’ll let Nóirín tell the tale in her own words.

My name is Noirin Galvin and I hail from the foothills of Lyreacrompane, a lovely little townland called Glanderry (meaning Glen of the oaks).  I have spent the best part of my adult life in Dublin, after graduating from UCC, I was lucky to start my first job in Fexaco in Dublin, then life just happened.  I jumped on the hamster wheel and kept moving with the opportunities that were thrown my way. 

20 years later, I am married to Colm Heneghan (a Dub), have 4 children, Una age 9, Muireann age 7, Dearbhla age 5 and Breandán age 3.  

The family in Dublin at Breandán’s christening.

Life was good, life was frantic, life was a typical life in Dublin city.  Then the Covid-19 pandemic struck.   Luckily our Business, which is Mellon’s Shop, based on South Lotts Road in Ringsend was deemed an essential business and we were allowed to remain open but footfall was way back.  We reduced the opening hours and became used to a slower pace of life. We reconnected with nature, our children and the simple pleasures in life.

We walked the Dublin mountains and discovered its beautiful woodlands, lakes and valleys. We got to know our children better.   We were able to walk the streets without constantly screaming at the kids to “keep in”, “watch out”, “slow down”.  We even heard the cuckoo’s song in April from the docklands in Dublin 4. 

Then as the lockdown began to lift and the hum of traffic returned to the M50 and city streets, it was no longer possible to take a safe cycle or walk or travel without sitting in traffic for frustrating lengths of time.  The swimming spots in Sandycove and Seapoint were deemed unclean to swim in and the old way of life was gradually returning.  Luckily in July we were able to travel to Kerry where we stayed between Listowel and Dingle and relished the Atlantic sea, the beaches and, of course, the great town park in Listowel.  

The slower pace of life that Covid introduced to us, allowed us the head space to think about living the life that we actually wanted and not the one that so called ‘great opportunities’ had thrown our way. 

The happy family celebrating Una’s birthday.

In the final days of August we made enquiries and enrolled our children in to a lovely 30 pupil school in Muiríoch, in Baile na nGall and we rented a house in Ballyferriter.  One month later I still have to pinch myself that we are actually here and living this life –a life! in the heart of the Gaeltacht in West Dingle.  

Of course there are still the logistical details of running our shop in Dublin semi-remotely, but in time that will sort itself out too.  After all isn’t life about living the very best one you can!?!

( The Heneghan family have taken “the road less travelled.” Somehow I feel they will have no regrets. Thank you, Nóirín, for sharing your heartwarming story. I wish you every joy and happiness ar imeall an domhain )


Brotherly Love

At the Sherriff’s Corner last week I met two of the town”s most beloved citizens having a natter.

Charlie Nolan has reams and reams of film footage of Listowel which he is generously sharing with us all on Facebook.

Charlie has always realised the value of recording big milestone events and little occasions in the life of a town. He is putting together a valuable archive of Listowel’s social history. His recordings of birds and wildlife on the River Feale is a treasure.

Eileen, Charlie’s sister, is a dedicated Tidy Towner. Despite ill health she is an unfailingly cheerful lady, always a pleasure to meet in town.

I don’t think I have ever before met these two together. I love to meet either of them on the street. They are always good for a chat. To meet them both together and to witness their good natured sibling sparring made my day.