This blog is a personal take on Listowel, Co. Kerry. I am writing for anyone anywhere with a Listowel connection but especially for sons and daughters of Listowel who find themselves far from home. Contact me at

Glenflesk and Other stories

Mallow Camera Club in 2017 took part in a lovely project . They framed some of their beautiful images for a permanent exhibition on the walls of Kanturk Community Hospital. This smashing image is by Viv Buckley.


On the road to Cork

Last weekend I went to visit my Cork family. I usually go via Mallow and take in my Kanturk family . Unfortunately they had Covid in the house. So I decided to see a different side of the country. I went via Macroom.

Big Mistake!

The little work around most people take to avoid the bottleneck that is Macroom Main Street is closed so all the traffic has to go through the town. Let’s say I won’t be passing this way again for a while.

That is a pity because on the way through Glenflesh I stopped for my lunch at this lovely shop. The friendly assistant, (Subway and Spar would call her a sandwich artist) made me a lovely fresh roll. I took this and my coffee outdoors. They have outdoor seating in the most beautiful calm picturesque setting you could ever ask for.

This caught my eye. I remember that awful accident. How nice of them to remember Denise in this way.

A stone ditch and a faraway mountain were the backdrop to my dining experience.


From Pres. 02/03 Yearbook

The committee preparing the yearbook in 2003 undertook a few interviews.

Here is one of them.


Ireland Stands with Ukraine

I know that war and the politics of war is complicated and I know that there is propaganda on both sides and there are good innocent people suffering in Russia as well. But I could not help but be proud of our politicians (with a few exceptions) who listened so attentively and responded so eloquently to Zalensky’s address to us all.

His poor people are being brutalised before our eyes. He is doing his level best for them and it’s not enough.


April 7 2022 Horsefair

Traditional horsefair on Market Street on the first Thursday of April.



Sr. Consolata Interview Concluded


Schull and Dunamase

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  1. Colette Daly

    Love the ducklings, worth making the journey to see them!

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