Some People I met at Listowel Writers’ Week 2019

On the street with my friends on Saturday we ran into Conor Keane and Catherine Moylan.

I visited the great Nora Moriarty Lost in Lace event more than once during the festival. I’ll tell you more about that when I have more time . On this visit with my pals we met P.J. and Joan Kenny who were helping the Moriarty family to look after the exhibition.

On far left is Eugene Moriarty, son of the lace artist.

Harriet Owen was back in town meeting with her cousin from England, still researching her family .

At the very popular Fake News event at The Plaza I met Writers’ Week volunteers Rhona, Annette, Noel, Rose, James and Mike. Hannah Mulvihill, of the local Saint Vincent de Paul, popped in to check that every thing was in order.

At Eason Wizard of Oz window I met Sarah Downey and family on her annual trip home for Writers’ Week.

David Browne and Catherine Moylan were bidding farewell to Niall MacMonagle when I met them in The Listowel Arms.

Friends, Liz Dunne, former chairperson and Catherine Moylan, current chairperson of Listowel Writers’ Week.

Molly and her Cork family posing on the big chairs.

This is one for Nicaragua. Mary Pierse was snacking al fresco with her friends in the Small Square.

Meanwhile the children were having a ball making Wizard of Oz characters in their workshops at the Community Centre.

One of my little ladies came outside the door after her origami workshop and, believe it or not, didn’t her Dorothy get caught by a gust of wind and swirl away into the sky and beyond. 

Life imitating Art or what?


Kennedy Home For sale

This beautiful Listowel building is on the market again.