The Men in My Life

My husband, Jim, passed away on June 23 2013, a few short months after this photo was taken by John Stack. The man with him in the photo is our son, Bobby.

Before he died, Jim was quadriplegic. The protectors you see on his hands were to prevent his nails digging into his palms as he could no longer straighten his fingers. The button to the right of his head in the photo he operated with his forehead to bring the chin control back in front of his face so he could drive the wheelchair independently. The screen mounted on his left hand side shows his environmental control. With it he could turn on the computer, the TV, the light or the heater.

Jim bore his illness (M.S.) with extraordinary forbearance and he harnessed  every piece of assistive technology he could find to give him the independence which disease had so cruelly denied him.

Today we remember him with love and admiration.


When Micheál Martin came to town

Someone will surely tell us the date. probably before the 2016 election as I see John Brassil to the fore. Also in the photo are Eilish Wren, Liz Dunne, Jimmy Moloney, Máire Logue and Ned O’Sullivan


Have you ever milked a cow?

I cant say that I was ever any good at it but I have tried. It is a very skilful job and requires the building up of a trusting relationship between cow and milker. Women are often good at it. It has been known for a cow to have a favourite milkmaid and to require to be spanceled if anyone other than her favourite approaches her, bucket in hand. An essential piece of equipment for milking is the stool.

This photo was posted on the Vanishing Ireland site by John Coffey. The ones I remember were round.