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KnitWits, Listowel knitters and natterers

This is a Saturday gathering of KnitWits at Scribes last December.


I took the following photos in Scribes on Church St. on Saturday last. We were gathered for our weekly knit- in and chat. We meet in the Family Resource Centre off the John B. Keane Rd. on Thursday nights and in Scribes on Saturday mornings. We are always open to new members and we welcome knitters of all skill levels. We have no menfolk among our regulars so far but we would welcome any men who might like to join us.


Michael Collins is in the news today because someone intended to  sell a lock of his hair. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to buy such an artifact. His relatives were understandably a bit upset by the sale.

The following is from Radio Kerry;

Kerry solicitor Robert Pierse has described as ‘inappropriate’ and ‘macabre’, a decision by a Dublin-based company to auction a lock of Michael Collins’ hair, at its salesrooms this Wednesday. Mr Pierse, who is a grand-nephew of Collins, says he was shocked and upset to read in the papers that the lock of hair is to be auctioned this week, along with old film footage dating back to the Treaty negotiations in London. The lock of hair was taken from Collins’ body by his sister Kitty, as he lay in State in 1922. The Listowel-based solicitor, whose mother Mary Collins was the eldest niece of the late Irish patriot, has written to James Adams Auctioneers, and asked that the owner of the lock of hair withdraw the item from the auction.

In response to the pressure, the vendor changed his mind and donated the relic to the National Museum.

Recently among one of my own relatives memorabilia I found this,


Jimmy Moloney tweeted this photo of volunteers who turned up last night for the first night of Listowel’s Spring Cleanup.


Writers’ Week, monks and Anne Enright


Old photos while I am at the endodontist


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  2. Anonymous

    What time does the knitting group meet on Thursdays and Saturdays?


    • Anonymous

      the knitting group meet between 7and 9p.m on Thursdays @ The Family Centre off the John B.Keane Rd. and at Scribes in Church St on Saturdays from 11 to 1p.m. on Saturdays

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