The Garden of Europe in Autumn

It is lovely to walk through The Garden of Europe at any time of year. It is particularly beautiful in Autumn. You have heard of Vermont in The Fall and how it attracts so many visitors. Give me Listowel any day.


Your Daily Dose of Christmas Goodies

If your Christmas theme calls for white decoration, Listowel Garden Centre has them in abundance.


Luxury Accommodation in Listowel Town Centre

A family prepared to invest in the future of the economy in Listowel is the Walsh family who have traded on Church Street for generations. They have converted their accommodation offering to a top class bed and breakfast option for visitors to Listowel.

The business is located next to and over John R.’s and Café Hanna.

 Marion gave me the guided tour.

 There is a literary theme throughout. At the top of the stairs is this limited edition John B. Keane picture, a present from the Keane family.

These framed posters celebrate local and national stage performances.

An old fireplace is cleverly adapted as a showcase for souvenir Writers’ Week brochures.

The ultra tasteful tea and coffee nook is kitted out with this beautiful vintage tea set.

The three bedrooms are tastefully furnished.

There is a charming mixture of the vintage and the modern.

This sofa space in the communal area invites you to sit and read or just get away from the family for a while.

 This beautiful Dresden lamp is one of the many luxurious touches here.


Namir has given a home to this lovely little kitten…..soon to be named as soon as sex is determined.


Nice Gesture

A bunch of flowers was left at the door of Listowel Garda Station last week. It was a thoughtful token of support for the Gardaí who are still mourning the death of Garda Tony Golden who was murdered as he went about his duty in Omeath.