William Street 2023


Turf Cutting Time 2023

Photo: Ita Hannon


Bringing a dead loved one to life in a poem is such a cathartic experience.



Bastables were our great grannies ovens. They were suspended on a crane over the open turf fire and the families’ meals were cooked on them. Bastable cooking skills were passed down from generation to generation. The round bottomed pot was for boiling. Potatoes and other vegetables were cooked in this. Sometimes it just boiled water for various tasks. There was a kettle for the tea (no one had coffee) but boiled water was needed for mixing food for animals and certain washing tasks.

The flat bottomed bastable was for roasting and baking. A skilled bastable chef could roast a chicken to perfection, she could cook a stew or even a loaf of soda bread. The cook adjusted the heat by placing burning sods of turf (gríosach) on the lid.

How far we have some with our microwaves and air fryers! If our great grandmothers saw an induction hob at work, they woiuld be gobsmacked.

This is a griddle. Also for cooking over an open fire, This was great for frying of fish . Remember at Phil the Fluter’s Ball the dancers were “hopping in the middle like a herring on the griddle”? The griddle was used for baking of thin breads and scones as well.

The coming of the range put an end to this hit and miss cooking. The range brought the thermostat which cut out much of the guesswork. That said, I remember my late mother having to open the oven door when the turf or timber had heated the oven that little bit too much.


Important Discussion about Girls and Sport

Friday June 2 10.30 in The Plaza


A Blast from the Past

This is a picture of Cork in 1969 from a website with old photos of Ireland.

Recently people have been making a big hoo ha because they have identified the bridge behind the Mona Lisa in the painting. Well, I recognise Western Road in this picture because I can see the gates of UCC in the background and the big building on the right is the Eye, Ear and Throat hospital. The filling station on the left is long gone. Traffic on that road is now one way,


A Fact

Many people know that the sandwich was named after an English earl (1718 -92) but how did the Fourth Earl of Sandwich come to give his name to this meal which is the favourite lunch of so many today.

His lordship was a gambling addict. He ordered that his food be brought to him between slices of bread so that he could eat his meals without leaving the gaming table.