1916 commemorative garden in Childers’ Park in September 2023


The Good Old Days?

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An Siopa Milseán

Abbeyfeale’s best shop

Some of the milseáin from which the shop takes its name.

Look up and it’s 1950

Entering this charming shop is to take a step back in time. It’s a sweet shop, convenience shop, coffee shop, newsagents, gift shop and museum. It is truly unique.

See those boxes that look like they might contain a tart. Well, you can fill these with treats to make a unique present.

You can have a hamper made up.

These are today’s tóisíns. When I used to buy my sweets after school it was in a lovely shop, Kellihers of Church Street Kanturk. The tóisín was made from a square of newspaper and filled with aniseed balls, gobstoppers, jelly babies, sugar mice or liquorice.

In Siopa Milseán Abbeyfeale I was transported bach to a time of lucky bags, dibdabs, sherbet, macaroon bars, black straps and slab toffee. If you’re anywhere near, you must visit.

Mary and the other customer assistants are warm and friendly, chatting with regular customers and welcoming new ones.

I’ll be back.


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The Bike Shed

The bike shed in secondary school used to be the stuff of legend. Just when they are all demolished we need them again. This is the modern bike shelter at St. Michael’s.


A Fact

A dolphin is always half awake. Even when he sleeps a dolphin only shuts down half his brain.