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Christmas in Killarney, Noel Roche, jostle stones Knitwits and a stunning Tapestry Project and Anseo

Christmas in The Great Southern, Killarney

These lovely Christmassy displays are in the foyer of the Killarney Great Southern.


A Poem by Noel Roche

Noel’s sister, Dolores has shared a few of Noel’s poems with us.


When I arrived in Heaven

I wondered what I’d see

As I stood before the pearly gates

In all their majesty.

Then I saw God standing there

With his arms open wide

And he said, “Come on now,, child of mine,

You’re home now. Step inside.”

And then I saw my mother

She was weeping tears of joy.

She took me gently in her arms

Saying, “There’s my baby boy.”

Then my father, he was standing there

The first time I saw him stand.

He said, ‘Son take a walk with me,

And he took me by the hand.

So I walked with dad in heaven

I could not be more proud.

People jpoined us as we walked

Until it became a crowd.

But its not a crowd of strangers

That I plainly see.

All the faces in that crowd

Were faces known to me.

All my brothers and my sisters

And good friends that passed away

They were all here to greet me

In heaven on this day.

I met grandparents, aunts and uncles

That I never knew

But as I looked into their eyes

I said “Yes, I know you.”

I talked with all the people there

And it went on and on

And, as we talked, it seemed to me

Like they were never really gone.

They were all really happy

And that was no surprise

I saw contentment and serenity

When I looked into their eyes.

Then Jesus walked amng us

Oh, what a sight to see

My whole being filled with love

As he placed his hand on me.

His perpetual light was shining bright.

We were all filed with His grace

Right then I prayed and hoped

That we would never leave this place.

Then the darkness it came over me

As day turned into night.

And I groped around frantically

Looking for the light.

When I put the light on,

I saw my bedroom wall.

I realized that

It was just a dream

I wasn’t in heaven at all.


Jostle Stones on William Street

2019 was the year when I learned what a jostle stone was. Since I learned about them I’m seeing them everywhere. Here are two on our own William Street,

These are at either side of the lane by Jumbo’s that runs behind McKenna’s.

These are just a little further up the same street.


Knitwits at Christmas 2019

We had a good crowd at knitting club on Dec 14 2019 so I took the opportunity to take a few pictures. It was freezing cold so we were wearing our coats, but still having the chat as we knitted and crocheted.


What Talent, Patience and Skill

This is Kathleen McCarthy. Kathleen was given this tapestry picture to complete after the lady who started it was unable to finish it. Kathleen is a multitalented craftswoman. She can turn her hand to any project and she welcomed this challenge.

Kathleen sewed this tapestry before she had her cataract operation and working under the other challenge that the lady who started the work was left handed, so Kathleen had to do all the stitching in a direction not familiar to her.

The finished project is magnificent.  My photo does not do it justice. Kathleen had it framed and is now handing it back to the original owners.


A Kindness at Christmas

I have a secret Santa. I received this lovely gift in the post this week. People are so kind! Thank you, Dan,  for making my day!

I love, love, love the book. I highly recommend it!

Isn’t the cover photo the most gorgeous loving capture ever?

Doodle Dinner, Milano Fashion, a Rugplan rug and a Star ballad

One of the two in the bush photographed by Chris Grayson.


Listowel Men at a Doodle Rally

Paul Murphy, formerly of Church St., sent us this. We need help with the names.


Facelift for Chute’s Stores


Do You Remember Rug plan?

Kathleen McCarthy is brilliant at all crafts. She has the patience of a saint and she loves to learn a new skill. Recently she made this pure wool rug. Only those of you who have ever made a rug plan rug will appreciate the skill involved here.


Ballad for Star

Kieran Donaghy has retired from Kerry Football. I found this ballad online. Aplologies to the poet whose name wasn’t with the poem online.

He hailed from the kingdom of Kerry,

A Rocky who played for the Stacks,.

He lined out up front for his county,

And tormented the very best backs.

They pulled, they dragged and they tripped him,

But the ball it was already there,

For the star had very good vision,

To get the ball to the man with red hair.

Manys the day he did save us,

And pulled the win out of the fire,

But time has come for the big man,

To hang up his boots and retire,.

He speaks of O’Connors and Fitzgeralds,

And all of the Donaghy clan,

Well proud they are of this young boy,

Who grew into one talented man.

On behalf of the fans of the Kingdom,

Who came out with the green and the gold,

So sorry to bid you farewell,

But for years your stories be told.

Good luck in the chapter that awaits you,

You owe nothing to the jersey you wore,

But we all wish once more we could see it,

That pass to young Clifford’s score.

What do you think of that Joe Brolly?


John R.’s Race week window

Many local shopkeepers put in a great effort with their window display for Race week 2018. Here is Pierse Walsh’s Church Street window.

Hay in Ahanagran, a New Stand at Listowel Racecourse and more about Sonny Bill

Harvesting at Rattoo

Photo; Bridget O’Connor


Saving the hay

This lovely old photo was of a group of haymakers in a field in Ahanangran, Ballylongfond was posted line by Liam O’Hainnín.

The group, and we dont have names, is heading out for a day in the hayfield or maybe returning home from saving the hay.

I was fascinated to see the implement that they had tackled to their horse. I called it a Tumbling Paddy, Liam knew it as a slide and Elizabeth Brosnan used to call it a Haveller. I have mentioned it before because I have very clear memories of my father working with one. It was a big wooden rake like implement which the horseman pushed along gathering the hay as he went. When he had the makings of a wynn gathered he put the horses reins over his head and he tumbled the slide over, dumping the hay in a cock to be later made into a wynn by the other haymakers. He then had to side step around the heap of hay, retake control of his horse and start gathering again.


A Brand New Complex at The Island

John Kelliher took the photos on the occasion of the opening of the new stand and food hall. I can’t wait to see it. Here are just a few of the many photos John took on the night.


Kathleen McCarthy has a gifted Pair of Hands

Patchwork is just one of the many crafts Kathleen can turn her hand to. Every stitch in this masterpiece of 683 patches was hand sewn by Kathleen and the quilt is fully lined. Surely a heirloom to keep in the family for generations to come.


Lest we forget

Jim Halpin recently posted this heartbreaking video from a page called Flashback .

The Grimsby Chums 1916


Update on Sonny Bill from his new home in the U.K.

The following is from this month’s Horse and Hound

His new owner has high hopes for Sonny Bill in his future career in showing……and you saw him here first.

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