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A Robin, Some old photos and Parking Balls in Florida

Ireland’s Largest Megalithic Cemetery

Catherine Moylan took this photo in January 2017 in Carrowmore, Co. Sligo.


Posing Robin

This friendly fellow met me in the town park and he kindly agreed to pose for me.


Progress on the Community Centre Extension

Listowel Community Centre shared the following photos from inside the new gym.


Some Old Photos from National Geographic online

The men are saving the hay, the women knitting and gleaning.



Nicholas, a blog follower, likes this poem. I do too.


Meanwhile in Sarasota, Florida

Pat del Savio is following the story of the balls as a deterrent to parking on the pavement. When she made a trip to her local Target store recently she photographed these for us.

True to form, the US balls are bigger and more colourful.

St. Bridgit’s Duagh, A Poem by Pat Given and some old photos

My Favourite Art Galleries

My favourite art galleries are all free to enter and they hold some of the finest frescoes, mosaics, woodwork, statuetry and architectural features you will see anywhere.

We, in Listowel, need to look no further than our own St. Marys

Recently I visited Duagh’s St. Bridgit’s. It is lovely compact little church beautifully looked after by the local congregation.

There is a collection box in the hallway for used stamps and for old Christmas cards.

St. Bridgit’s has many many statues, pictures and some beautiful stations of the cross which were sponsored by kind donors.


A Poem from Pat Given’s October Stocktaking


Pat Given

I’ll tell you what it is to

A philosopher. To be able to

A personal feud of lasting

And smile on your tormentor
after all.

To follow ambition with
unswerving intent

From youth to middle years
and onward still,

To know at last it’s

And yet remain impassively

To make it mere routine to

That one day soon –too soon-
you must forsake

The loved ones that your life

And when the culmination
comes, not break.

This is a philosopher, as I
would think,

And, oh how far short of it I


Listowel Photos from the 1940s

I’m returning now to some old photographs which have featured here before. The story is that a Galway photographer came to town in the 1940s and he positioned himself on William Street across from McKenna’s Corner and he photographed everyone who came within his orbit.

Years later, this photographer died and his family discovered all the old photos among his possessions. They sent the photos to Bryan MacMahon in Listowel. When The Master passed away his son Maurice undertook to try to identify the people in the photographs. We have had some success with a few of them but a few have remained elusive.

Margaret (Dillon) Ward has been diligent in the pursuit of the identities of these local people. Ned Sweeney has helped her to identify the people in three photos. I have also posted again a man whose identity still eludes us. As they say on Crimecall, its a good likeness. Someone must know him. Of course he might not be a Listowel man at all. Like the photographer, he might just have happened to be in town on that day.

David Bunyan of Convent Cross

David Bunyan and John Allen

Ned Faley and Jimmy (Salmon) Roche

This man’s identity is still a mystery to us. All we know for certain is that he walked outside McKenna’s one day in the 1940s.

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