I am coming to the end of my Tar Abhaile sequence.

On the day after the filming Julie and Glyn Evans returned to Listowel to see places away from the TV cameras.

In this photo Julie and Glyn are standing in front of  the wall that once surrounded Listowel workhouse. You can see where a gate once hung. Through this gate the cart carrying the bodies of the dead were carried down An Bóthar Dubh to the Teampall Bán burial ground.

Jim Beasley who lives in the property where the wall is, has made his garage door to look like a replica of the old workhouse gate.

We also visited the site of the old workhouse. We went to the nearby old Mercy Convent, now the St. Senan’s Day Centre. Eileen Bunyan, the nurse manager of the centre, gave us a guided tour.

Since all the workhouses were built to the same template, the Listowel one would have looked like this.


Mr. Signs, Martin Chute was busy on Church St. this week.


Confirmation 2013



Dont forget the Tea Party and sale in aid of Gaelscoil Lios Tuathail in the Plaza today.


If you have some clean books that you are finished with, would you kindly drop them into Spar where they are collecting books for sale at the Parents and Friends Garden Fete.