Listowel Celtic Oskars

 In the presbytery the cast of Fr. Ted filming for Listowel Celtic’s Oskars. Award ceremony and after parties were held on Feb. 29 2020,


The following poem was written by Noel Roche of Listowel now living in the US. 

He says “Field of Dreams is about a game of Soccer that took place in the Mart Field ( now Feale Drive)  in late 70s/ early 80s between Listowel Celtic and Gleann Rovers. As a Prelude to the poem  I would like you to state that the Poem has enough truth to be Fact but it also has enough Fiction ( poetic license) to be entertaining. “

Field of Dreams 

Noel Roche 

The biggest bunch of misfits,

That you have ever seen.

Ran out onto the mart field,

Wearing the red and green.

To take on the might of Celtic,

That was their quest on that day. 

And erase the tag of second best,

This was the only way.

The Celtic team arrived on time,

And got out of their cars.

They had shiny boots and Munster youths,

They looked like soccer stars. 

Eric made the team favourites, 

He said, “they’re the best in town”.

But he forgot eleven misfits,

Who called themselves “The Gleann”.

The people manned the side-lines,

They came from near and far.

And one man said “t’won’t be no game,

This will be bloody war.

Unless the ref can keep them quiet, 

I’m not so sure he can.

But if anyone can do it, 

Then ‘The Sheriff’ is that man”. 

Three o clock, the whistle blows,

At last the game is on.

Now it’s down to soccer,

Coz the hype and talk is done.

The Gigs runs up the side-line,

With a fury never seen.

For months he gave his heart and soul,

To the boys in red and green. 

Then Celtic got a free kick,

Which prompted Gigs to call.

“Don’t let em in boys, stand in front,

And build a human wall”.

But they bent the ball around the wall,

Twas buried in the net.

And the Gleann boys said “don’t worry Gigs,

The games not over yet”. 

The Gleann played hard and furious,

And moved the ball upfield.

A Celtic defence, a tower of strength,

Now would these Gleann boys yield.

Come on said Gigs, you have em now,

As a tear came to his eye.

And they passed to Noel, who scored the goal,

That made the game a tie. 

What happened next is history,

Of which people often talk.

The miracle of the mart field,

That made Jack Galvin walk.

The crowd was stunned in silence,

As the ball hit Celtics net.

But Jack jumped out of his chair,

And said, “that’s the best one yet”. 

Soon the game was over,

And the Gleann boys jumped for joy.

And Gigs who could not hold it back,

Cried like a little boy.

And for the other Gleann boys,

This I’d like to say.

We did not feel like misfits then,

We felt like kings that day.

Now years later, the field is gone,

And I am far away.

I close my eyes, it takes me back,

To the mart field on that day.

I hear Gigs screaming, “C’mon boys”,

Till he could hardly talk.

And the goal we thought was holy, 

Coz it made Jack Galvin walk.


Jerry Ryan cleaning up on William Street during race week  (2014 I think)


Listowel Feis 1912

Kerry News  Wednesday, June 05, 1912; Page: 3


The Feis.
The arrangements for Listowel Feis are now well underway, and this year’s one promises to surpass all those of previous years. For many years the people of North Kerry have looked forward with no small amount of interest to the fixture, and they were never disappointed. The date fixed is July 7th, and nothing is being left undone to make it an unqualified success.
The Syllabus.
The syllabus, which is slightly an improvement on previous ones, includes within its scope competitions in the language and history of our country, vocal and instrumental music, storytelling, dialogue, recitation and dancing. It also includes, harp, flute, and Irish war pipes competitions. Copies of the syllabus may be had from the hon, secretary. Anyone requiring information on any point may get it without delay from the secretary.

The Byrne Scholarship.
The thanks of the Committee is due to Mr. M. J. Byrne, solicitor, Listowel, for again donating a valuable scholarship. It is attainable by the boy or girl in the baronies of Iraghticonnor and Clanmaurice and the Abbeyfeale Coisde Coanntair who obtains the highest number of marks in the following subjects:—(a ) Irish conversation, 500 marks ; (b) fluency in reading Irish at sight, 250;
(c) storytelling or dialogue in Irish, 250—only one can be taken; (d) writing Irish from dictation, 200: (e) Irish grammar, l30; (f) short original impromptu story in Irish, 100; (g) best collection in Irish of local traditions or stories, to be sent to the hon. secretary one week at least before Feis , 150; (h) Irish singing, 50; Irish dancing—jig, reel and hornpipe, 50.
The competition for the above promises to be very keen. This is the third time that Mr. Byrne has been so good as to offer a scholarship. It would be well if we had other men of that stamp amongst us. ‘Tis a noble example of patriotism.

Kerryman 1904-current, 08.06.1912, page 4
Feis subscriptions M. J Byrne, £8; a Friend £1; M J Nolan J.P. V.C Co. C, 15 shillings; G Gun Mahony Esq. J.P. 10 shillings. M J Nolan also sent a letter of support to Mr Griffin Hon Sec of Feis Committee.