Cherry Blossom Time

(in Listowel)

April 2019


A Blog Follower Home for Easter

Denise Gore was happy to be home in her native Listowel for Easter 2019. I was very happy to meet her too. She described Listowel Connection as a ‘lifeline”. So rewarding!


Listowel’s Street Names

Do you remember the story from 1900 about the renaming of Listowel’s streets? Well, that story was to have a sequel and Dave O’Sullivan has again done the digging for us. It appears that the vexed issue of the English street names dragged on and on until we have them as they are today, one name in the English language commemorating English monarchs and a totally different Irish name commemorating Irish patriots.

1966—–the story so far

More tomorrow


Harp and Lion

an iconic Pat MacAulliffe stucco

I took the lower photo on Easter Sunday 2019. The process of restoration is continuing. I look forward to seeing this precious quirky symbol of Listowel restored to its former glory.


Drama Festival in St. Johns