Colourful seating at Christy’s, The Well


Jed  Chute with daughter, Gillian and Family

I was having a cup of coffee with my friend, Marie Moriarty when I spotted this lovely family enjoying he sunshine. Marie posed with them for my photo.


Friday Market

There were many new traders at the Friday market when I visited on July 26 2019. And there was music.


A little poem on Spike

A friend went on an excursion to Spike Island and photographed this for us.

It goes 

My dearest Kerry (I think, or maybe, Harry) I am awfully sorry

If what I write here you don’t like

But writing out rhymes is a craze of the times

With which I’m fed up here in Spike.

Any ideas who, when or why?


How Old are our Jostle Stones?

Warren Buckley has been touch. He was fascinated by these stones ever before I took an interest and he has done a bit of research.

Warren found this one in the Lawrence Collection.  It must be at least 100 years old.

Could this local one which looks in size and shape very similar, be that old?