Visitors in Listowel Town Square in Summer 2017


At Listowel Castle with my granddaughters

If you have children to entertain, a tour of the castle is the ideal way to pass away an afternoon. The tour is free. The tour guides are excellent. This lovely lady gave us the ladybird version of the tour and patiently answered all the little ones’ questions.

One of the benefits of the tour is the the great vantage point for overlooking the town.  From the castle steps and from the windows you can see over the countryside, the river Feale and the town Square.  You’d never know who you’d see.

Another benefit is that you get to meet some lovely fellow tourists.


More of Robert O’Shea’s Photos

Robert O’Shea, formerly of Charles Street and now of New York sent us these. The first ones were taken on the roof of the building where Robert works and the others are of The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage.


The Kissanes are gathering

Eily Walshe is an avid family historian. Following on from her comprehensive history of her own Kissane line in photos and story, she has now traced her cousins’ Kissane line and she has put together a book and a comprehensive photo gallery and timeline.

All of this will be revealed this  evening in St. John’s

This is what Eily says :

An August Treat at St. John’s Theatre!

All photos are in black and white and mostly pre 1960. Some have been taken before 1900 and are of normal family events and celebrations. They say “a picture tells a thousand words”!! Well we have 92 pictures in total on view from 11th August for a full three weeks!