Photo: Lisa Egan, Mallow Camera Club


Main Street

This was taken early in the morning on January 26 2022. I was on my way to mass. The Small Square was quiet. Listowel is easing its way out of Covid restrictions and we are taking cautious steps back too normality. We have had the mildest and driest January in my memory. Hopefully the blue sky is a portent of better days to come.


From the 1990 Pres Yearbook


Our Lovely Back Lanes

One of the suggestions for our upcoming “reimagining” of Listowel is upgrading and preserving of the back ways. Listowel’s back lanes are not like the ginnels of Coronation Street but wide streets capable of renewal and promotion.

Look at the beautiful stone work on these old buildings in Mill Lane. The walls are the work of ancestor craftsmen. The bricked up window serves as a stark contrast.


Ship at Night

Ita Hannon is a superb photographer. Here is another of her excellent captures of a ship on the Shannon estuary.


Old Dublin

From a website called Photos of Dublin


From the Mailbag

Dear Mary,

Again, thank you so much for the interesting article about the Presentation Sisters and their history and dedication to Listowel.

I grew up in NYC.  My father was from Listowel.  He was committed to our family both here and in Ireland.  When it was time for my secondary school in New York City, we went to St Michael’s Academy on 33 street and 9th Avenue in the city.  He understood what the education by the Presentation Sisters offered me.  The school was a bus and 2 train rides away from my home in Flushing, New York but his commitment to the best education for me overcame the long commute each day.  

Because of the guidance and education of the Presentation sisters, I thrived both academically and socially.  I am 80 years old and still in active contact with many of my classmates.  Until covid time about 16 of us would meet for lunch in New York and we continue to keep in contact on line.   We have never lost sight of what was blessedly given to us by the Presentation Sisters in those 4 years.

I learned a good deal from your article and thank you so much for your commitment to Listowel.  

God bless you.

Frances O’Brien Blaikie