Tom Fitzgerald sent us this photograph of the same Bishop Marshall of Salford we had last week.

“Bishop Marshall with Fr. Joe Stack from Rathea sitting on his right and I think Fr. Denis Dwyer from Banemore on his right.”

I don’t know what the occasion of the photo was but they had a fine band of altar boys anyway.


This, from Noreen O’Connell, will awaken happy memories for many of my followers. I have seen a picture of a group at one of these socials. Maybe someone will share it with us.


This next one is also from Noreen. Isn’t it a treasure!


This lovely portrait from Jer. Kennelly is of The Tailor Kennelly and his sister Margaret.


Norella gave me this lovely photograph of her parents, Gene and Nora Moriarty, pictured in Charles Street in 1958.


Something more modern

I interrupted Roly Chute in his work to take this snap of him painting John B.’s on Wednesday.


Finally a poster I spotted yesterday in Scully’s window!