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St. Mary’s and St. John’s

Feale Sculpture and St John’s, Listowel in December 2021


Things you may not know about St. Mary’s

Lord Listowel gave the site for the Catholic Church in The Square. One of the sites considered was across the road in the place where the National Bank, later The Butler Centre is now. This was thought to have too much commercial potential so the site eventually chosen was where St. Mary’s stands today. However a house that used to stand to the right of the picture has been demolished so the church is more visible than it used to be.

The late Paddy Horgan told me a story he learned from his elders. He told me that Lord Listowel made it a condition of the donation of the site that the Angelus bell would be rung at 7.00p.m. instead of the usual 6.00. Knocking off time for Lord Listowel’s workmen was the sound of the Angelus bell.


Christmas Window

Lynch’s Coffee Shop and Bakery in Main Street has a really lovely window display. My photo does not do it justice.


A Back Lane

Listowel has many many back lanes. They tell their own story, many of them little changed over the years. This one is opposite the offices of The Revenue Commissioners.

Doors leading on to the lane on the second storey often led into a store. The delivery dray or the customer parked his cart in the lane below the door and the sacks of grain or other goods were thrown through the door and into the cart.

To this day the stonework of Listowel’s masons is preserved in these outhouses.


Then and Now


Taking down the flags

This is my brother taking down his Kanturk bunting and flags on Monday, December 6 2021.

In fairness the taking down of the support had more to do with the imminent arrival of Storm Barra than with the recent defeat to Newmarket.

We know how you feel, Kerins O’Rahilly’s supporters.


Local Books


An Irish Santa


  1. N.L.

    Limerick Flags!

  2. Seán

    At the top of the columns at the door of St Marys is the date 1866.

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