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A Will, A Toilet, A Memory and a Request

Photo; Martin Moore


Ballybunion’s Shiny New Toilet Block

I took a look inside for you. It’s such an improvement on the old toilets. Our visitors will be delighted.


Where there is a will there is a way!

The old story about Irishmen and the great regard they have for their mothers is fully proven in this newspaper report from a U.S. newspaper, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana, of 12.2.1842. This exiled Irishman was prepared to stretch mathematics beyond all possibility in order to look after his mother in Ireland – even before the terrible Famine struck!

“A Job for Judge Bermudez.  An Irishman who died recently in this city made his last will and testament after this fashion: – “I order and direct that one half of the property of which I am now possessed – whether in moveable property, real estate, or otherwise – be given to my loving wife, one half to my only son, William, and the other half to my mother, in Ireland.”

Now the difficulty with his executors is this: after giving one half of the property to his loving wife, and another half to his only son, they are at a loss to scrape up a third half, the proceeds of which is to go to his mother, in Ireland!  Here is a knotty case for the Court of Probates.”

One presumes that his loving wife and son would settle for one-third apiece!


Remembering Happy Days in Scribes

In August 2012 this group met and knitted and nattered in Scribes of Church St. Much has changed since. Sad it’s over but glad it happened.


One of Listowel’s Living Legends

Look who I met when I was out for a walk in Listowel Town Square on Sunday afternoon, May 30 2021. None other than a man I greatly admire, Danny Hannon, looking fit and dapper, was returning home after a visit to the church.


A Long Shot

In 1990 a St. Michael’s Listowel football team played CBS Dingle in the final of The Dunloe Cup. The game was recorded but we don’t know by whom. Searches in the two schools and the home of the losing trainer proved fruitless. Maybe, just maybe, someone out there has a copy of that precious recording. John O’Flaherty tells me that games were sometimes recorded by pupils, some with commentary. We’d welcome a loan in any format.



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  1. Eamon O Murchu

    Great to see Danny Hannon walking his beloved square again. One of nature’s gentlemen and one who has contributed so much to the town of Listowel over many years.

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