This blog is a personal take on Listowel, Co. Kerry. I am writing for anyone anywhere with a Listowel connection but especially for sons and daughters of Listowel who find themselves far from home. Contact me at

Back to my roots

Molly learning to know her Listowel terrain

Meanwhile her forever family are basking in sunny Florida.


In Kiskeam

Local people still refer to The Church of the Sacred Heart as “the new church”.

The parish of Boherbue/ Kiskeam is one of nine Kerry parishes in Co. Cork. The parish used to be called Kilmeen. Ballydesmond, which used to be named Kingwilliamstown broke away in 1888 and Boherbue Kiskeam continued to be called Kilmeen until the mid 1900s.

The parish church in Kiskeam is old fashioned and cozy. It is obviously well loved by its parishioners. There is very little stained glass and the candelabra has real penny candles of the kind rarely seen in churches nowadays.

The windows are sponsored and, because they are clear, the church is light filled and gives a feeling of bringing the outdoors indoors.

This is a nice touch. In 2016 they printed this page with all the names from the baptismal register for 1916

The marriage register for the same year when Kiskeam was thriving.

A beloved priest remembered


In Lizzie’s

Visitors are a good excuse to dine out. Phil and I enjoyed a lovely lunch in Lizzie’s.

The day was sunny but the newly opened door had a very cooling effect.


Poem found on the Internet

Recipe for a Good Life

Live within your means

Return everything you borrow

Stop blaming other people

Admit it when you’re wrong

Give things you don’t use or wear to charity

Do something nice, and try not to get caught

Listen more; talk less

Be on time

Get organised

Be kind to unkind people

Take time to be alone

Cultivate good manners

Be humble

Learn to accept that life isn’t always fair

Know when to keep your mouth shut

Go an entire day without criticising anyone

Learn from the past; plan for the future

Live in the present

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

It’s all small stuff





Home and Nearly Home


  1. I also love that poem Mary. It is a real lesson for a good life. I try to practice most of it but as I’m currently recovering from hip surgery (whick took a few steps backward unfortunately s!!) in the Killarney Community Hospital I have plenty of time to appreciate the small things. They are just fantastic here. Nothing is too much trouble, so best foot forward now. Thank you for all your updates Mary I even missed Dolly Day!!

  2. Siobhan Foley

    Thank you for sharing that poem that has plenty wise words including ‘be humble’, the foundation for most other good qualities.

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